Punarnava Himalaya – Organic Natural Remedies for Excess weight Decline and Bronchial asthma

What is Punarnava?

The term Punarnava stands for human body renewal. Latin name of Punarnava is ‘Boerhavia Diffusa’. It is also recognized as ‘Lal Punarnava’, ‘Beshakapore’ and ‘Spreading Hogweed’. In Ayurveda, Punarnava herb is most widely used in therapy of renal and urinary troubles. Punarnava is superb anti-inflammatory and diuretic. It is used as a heart tonic and kidney tonic.

It is identified during the India specially in rainy season. Punarnava is exceptional anti-inflammatory and diuretic. It preferences bitter and pungent. The entire plant has healthcare rewards specifically roots. In Ayurveda, Punarnava herb is most broadly utilized in therapy of renal problems and urinary tract infections.

Punarnava Himalaya Herb is used to handle jaundice, common fever and being overweight. It is also used as anti-inflammatory and diuretic agent. It is utilised as a coronary heart tonic and kidney tonic. The juice of Punarnava root is helpful for the men and women obtaining evening blindness.

Externally Punarnava is used to reduce the discomfort and inflammation. It will help to remove mucous from bronchial tubes consequently it is effective from bronchial asthma. The roots of the plants are beneficial to destroy intestinal worms. 1 of the best all-natural natural cure for respiratory illnesses. Current scientific studies have revealed its usefulness in fever like malaria, jaundice and constipation grievances. Owing to its high diuretic houses it is very advantageous in the swelling restoration.


It is advised to just take one capsule twice a working day before meals.

Observe: Advised only at the age of 14 several years and previously mentioned. Since the merchandise is in capsule form, some kids under fourteen several years may possibly have trouble to swallow.

Positive aspects:Boerhavia diffusa is an Ayurvedic normal solution utilised traditionally in remedy of renal and urinary troubles.Punarnava herb functions as kidney tonic as it has property of diuretic, assists to keep efficient kidney functioning.Punarnava from Himalaya Herbals is a organic treatment to enhance lungs functioning and respiratory overall health.Himalaya Punarnava is an effective organic medication in the therapy of cough, anemia, constipation, paralysis, and nervous weak spot.Punarnava Himalaya Ayurvedic merchandise promotes mucous elimination from bronchial tubes and therefore helpful in the treatment of Asthma.Punarnava herb is also helpful in decreasing excess weight-loss and to get rid of weight problems issues.It is also helpful in improving appetite, jaundice, and basic fever.Roots are utilized by the individuals possessing evening blindness.Aspect Effects:

Given that, Himalaya Punarnava is Organic Herbal Medicine No main side results have been noted in health care journals.

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Punarnava from Himalaya is a Natural Alternative Medication that bears anti-inflammatory properties, quite successful in the remedy of renal and urinary problems.

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