Aristocob Shop Brief: How extended will a Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipe previous?

Sure, Missouri Meerschaum are fairly affordable, but I think it really is only organic to surprise how extended one thing created of a corn cob can endure with tobacco burning in it!

Visit for awesome-using tobacco Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipes.

Cleaning my corn cob pipe soon after a smoke. How to cleanse a corn cob pipe.
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29 thoughts on “Aristocob Shop Brief: How extended will a Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipe previous?

  1. One every month. I carry stress in the jaw and it translates to chatter on the stem. Feels good to chew a new one every now and then, lol.

  2. Just bought my first corn cob, a Missouri Meerschaum. I smoke outdoors and today in Minnesota it was -27 at sunrise. Didn't want to subject my daily briar to that. Tell ya what. This corn cob is quite enjoyable you betchya! Skol!

  3. Question… you ever use something like pipe fresh or everclear to clean the birchwood stem ????? I normally use my pipe tool to gently scrape out the bowl and then take a napkin rolled up and soaked in pipe fresh and put it in the bowl and let it sit for about an hour while I also have a folded pipe cleaner also wet with pipefresh and put that in the stem…..I then let the pipe dry out fully for a day.. So just asking your input….suggestions on this? ?? My oldest cob is a three year old MM Country Gent and it smokes great. Thanks

  4. My oldest cob is going on 8 years. Now that I think about it I really did abuse that thing. Ran drug store brand aromatics thru it and kept it in my 88 Lincoln's trunk for years on end. Also pretty sure I was smoking it fairly hot as well. However it is still sitting 10 feet away from me. I could smoke it whenever. Can't say I've been this attached to anything that costs under $5. What a value!

  5. Scott,
    The best way to do the "break in" is pack that cob as tight as one can with the cheapest direst tobacco one can find light it with a turbo lighter, than stick the bowl out the window of your car and roll the window up drive as fast as the law allows. Till the bowl gets cherry red your cob is ready to go.ūüėú

  6. Are there any new pipes besides the Cobbits coming down the pipeline? Great video on the longevity of a corncob pipe.

  7. Hi Scott my friend…How much is it to send about 4 of your pipes to the UK, as i usually buy my Corn Cob's from My Smoking shop .UK.And as i am here i would like to thank you for taking the time to do these little videos. Take good care, and all the very best to you, and to your good family. Blessed Be A.J.

  8. Simple cleaning is great for guys like me. Much appreciated. And agreed on the Carter Hall. Just had my first experience with it yesterday and will be back for more.

  9. Thank you for the advice.¬† I just switched to a pipe from cigarettes —¬†¬† a Missouri Meerschaum I bought at Walgreens.¬† I've been smoking RYO Bugler in it and it's kind of like "where have you been all my life".¬† The Marlboros are just lying there.¬† I'll see what traditional pipe tobaccos are like next time I'm at the store.¬† Half and Half, Carter Hall and Prince Albert to start with I guess.

  10. i find that plain ol antiseptic mouth wash works good too, im a non drinker so i dont keep booze in the house.
    Sitting the pipes out in sun and breeze helps to get sour taste alot too as you mentioned.I let them breathe outside as much as i can,
     I smoke mostly SWR reg and SWR aromatic in mine with some Carter hall too.

  11. hey man i was wondering if you could help me with an issue i had. I bought my first corn cob pipe about a week ago and today while i was smoking, a part of the bowl must have burned, and i noticed it because the outside of it turned blackish (just to clarify, it burned from the inside to the outside of the bowl). Is this normal (i dont think so) or did i do something wrong? I apologise for my poor english, im not a native speaker and im a bit rusty. thank you!

  12. HO-LEE SHEEIT. WOW. Mind = blown. I'd always wondered what pipe cleaners were for… I just thought they were… like… for tiny, tiny sewer pipes or some shit. Wow. That's hilarious.

  13. I use a cleaner dipped in cheap bourbon to help remove the oils in the stem, shank and bottom of bowl. I don't clean the sides of the bowl but use the bent in half cleaner with a little bourbon to clean the bottom of the bowl. Corn cobs are definitely the easiest to maintain.

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