Attempting Out My New Vintage Corncob Pipe & Just “Shootin’ The Poop” link_code=as3&tag=cutlerylover-twenty&linkId=ZWB3QWVYMTGEZTAN
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16 thoughts on “Attempting Out My New Vintage Corncob Pipe & Just “Shootin’ The Poop”

  1. chinese knockoff w/ the engraved branding. missouri meerschaum originals had a paper sticker, then went to foil and are now back to paper stickers. the bamboo really gives it away if youre in the know.

  2. idk why Jeff but all your story time videos or just like these vlogs mixed in are just really relaxing to watch, cant figure out if its your voice or face. really weird comment I know lol but keep it up

  3. hi , i have a question…there is some pipes that have like a paint finish there where you put the tobaco, can you smoke them direktly or do you have to burn them first…?

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