14 thoughts on “Corn Cob Pipes Are Amazing

  1. I started on a corn cob for my 19th birthday. It was an excellent decision because the bowl size was manageable for me, coming from smoking 1 cigarette or 1 cigarillo a day. I now at 22, will smoke my pipe (I have 3 including my 1st one) once a week on either Friday or Sunday, and I'll have a monthly cigar. Great video mate!

  2. I know Dr grabows are a everyman's premium pipe and I can tell you from experience Missouri meerschaum corn cob pipes are much more dirty after you smoke them I think its the wood they use for the shank it traps too much moisture its always seems to have more tar when I clean it but corn cobs do smoke well but how the hell would you run a pipe cleaner down the stem on a churchwarden?

  3. I only smoke MM corn cob pipes. Started out in a bent stem Legend and never looked back. I only smoke smaller MM now with the Morgan being my #1 (with a longer slim bit). The Dublin style Marcus is my other. Love them both so much. Love all the styles of the MM line but I don't ever go larger than a Rob Roy Legend size now. I just love the intimate feel of smaller styles.

  4. Been long time in this pipesmoking business,racks full of briars but still I smoke old and new corn cobs. I have certain blends that are absolutely divine in cobs, I can't get same result with a briar or meerschaum pipes. Few months back I got few new MM cobs and those are good pipes,smoking while writing this 15 year old legend and it smokes heavenly. Thank you for nice video and I'll wish a pleasant weekend and smokes.

  5. Nothing smokes better than a Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipe, at any price. I only have about 12 of them. I have some that I have been smoking for over 30 years, and they still smoke as good as the day I bought them.

  6. As super cheap as these are. basically the best cheap pipe there is. I don't see why people would reallyyyy be so concerned about it. I mean I see why. But as far as cost. It's not that bad! if I spent 100s on a pipe I wouldn't even wanna put tobacco in it much less light it

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