Packing a Corn Cob Pipe

SoCalPipeSmoker educating one zero one pipe packing. Corn Cob.
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Back links Underneath. An introduction to corn cob pipes such as a look at a couple of popular designs and an overview of pipe building. I also outline the strategy for the following 3 video clips in this collection: one) Tobacco chamber modification, two) Ebonite substitute stems, and three) A full modification of a pipe for Cobfoolery
Missouri Meerschaum:
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25 thoughts on “Packing a Corn Cob Pipe

  1. Mine tastes like corn … obviously this is to be expected but i really don't like corn. Any way to circumvent that taste?

  2. I also read on a forum to use your finger to pack down the bowl, it burns a bit for a half a second and bam makes everything perfect.

  3. wow i've been smoking a corn cob pipe for a month now. I haven't tasted any of the tobacco using the methods from other videos. Not to mention one of the methods made my other pipe catch on fire, and bad clouds bad taste. I used your 3 step method, and your packing method and no mess for once. Wow all I tasted was such a tart and sweet cherry taste. Thanks very much.

  4. Hey. I have a Missouri Pride. Despite cleaning it after every smoke, the pipe has taken on a very awful smell, akin to old cigarette ash.
    What can I do to clean it out or sterilize it? Or is this just something that happens?

  5. You and your girl are cute together.
    Great informative video. I like it when other smokers share their packing techniques.

  6. I enjoy my cob pipes and this is a great way to get into the Hobby without spending to much money.

  7. hey richard i do the same as you but after the first light i give it a gentle tamp.
    take care

  8. Excellent. As a want-to-be newbie corn cob pipe smoker, this is exactly the information I needed. Thanks, my friend. Ken

  9. smoke the hell out of it and the cake will fill in the spaces in the bottom and burn down the walls of that hole extension till it's flush, then it's great

  10. An excellent and helpful series of videos, Mike. Thanks!

    My ideal chamber width is 0.85". Most factory cobs measure around 0.75". Which is fine, but I like to build a cake, so the factory chamber width ends up being a bit too narrow for me.

    Any suggestions for drilling the chamber to make it wider? Some people might panic about doing anything like that, but I've never had a cob burn through. Also, a good cake acts as a firewall, and my cobs seem to last forever anyway. So I'm not concerned with thinning out the walls a bit. Cheers and Mellow Puffs, Mark

    P.S. I use Virginia ash and tap water for pipe mud and never had a problem. Hard and smooth as granite when it dries. Cigar ash is probably ideal, but inconvenient for me. In the end, pipe tobacco ash seems to work just fine.

  11. Definitely interested in the pipe mud video, I think a couple of my cobs could use a nice mud treatment. Thanks for putting this series together!

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