Are Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipes Value a Darn? Pipe Smoking cigarettes

I acquired a top issue from a possible consumer that manufactured me have to talk to you about the state of Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipe top quality. I was also utilizing a new digital camera and was driving close to with a van full of noisy crap. Sorry about that and I’ll consider to settle it down a bit following time.

Many thanks once more to “Darkly” from for the Kickin’ Rooster!
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10 thoughts on “Are Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipes Value a Darn? Pipe Smoking cigarettes

  1. Worth a darn? You bet they are! That is like asking if a Cadillac is worth a darn. I have Missouri Meerschaums that I have had for quite a while and some new ones and they are great. Worth a darn? They are the King of corn cobs. Some people,

  2. Great video!!! I called the corn nuts before you pulled them outta the bag lol! My 6 year old MM diplomat is the best smoking pipe in my lineup. Its still alive and kickin' and looks pretty ambered and good, no cracks yet. All the best Aristicob!!!

  3. ive just started with pipe smoking, im not sure im even doing it right but still get the favorite result i enjoy. question, how much of the pipe accounts for the flavoring i get. I have a cheap cob and a no name i bought off ebay. while the one off ebay still looks brand new and t he cob not so much. However i have to think that flavor has to be altered with a plastic or whatever is used vs a cob. help. quick edit here, ive been about 6-8 months and still trying all different types of tabacco. Sure i have some i like more than others but not one that i have "To-get".

  4. I have been singing the praises of cob pipes for several years. I buy the seconds from MM. As I travel extensively and don't wish to risk the loss of my $200 – $600 pipes on the road at hotels or travel scurrying, between flights, I've opted to carry cobs and one moderately priced but really good pipe.

    I like the cobs for several reasons:
    1) They are inexpensive. So if I lose it or break it, I won't have to mourn for it.
    2) Generally speaking, they smoke quite well, with or without the filter. I never replace the filter, just dump it when it gets too bad.
    3) The smokes are not overly long. So if I want a short smoke, filling the bowl usually provides about a half-hour (depending on the tobacco).
    4) I can refill immediately and not wait for a dry-out period. The porous cob absorbs quickly.
    5) No break-in period. Though I have some that have seen hundreds of bowls.

    Just a few thoughts. Keeping the smoking lamp lit.

  5. I'm kinda new to cobbin and I'm here in texas, this cob smokin for me is just wonderful,a real way of life as well as a Zen way of relaxing for me. I gave up smoking cigarettes and ever since I picked up a corn pipe I haven't even wanted a cigarette. i really enjoy your videos man.

  6. I really think you should qualify your remarks about crop size as your opinions which are no way based on facts.

  7. I also live in NC right outside of Charlotte in Stanley, if you live close to their i would love to smoke a bowl with you.

  8. Hey Scott I'm interested in some rustiCobbs and was wondering if you can get patriot rusticobbs? If not I'll probably just go with the country gentlemen being that I have one normal already and would like a rustic please get back to me

    PS: I appreciate what you do for the hobby keep on with the good stuff

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