Ceil’s Celebration

Picked up a new RooR glass bowl and a glass display screen (need display screen bc hole to massive to smoke hash/tobacco combine on).
So this is the day wher i say bye bye to meershaum bowls – from now on only glass on glass all above.
A new bowl with smaller sized hole have been ordered residence – should arrive in a week or 2.
Totally free the Weed..
Online video Score: / five

10 thoughts on “Ceil’s Celebration

  1. Can you get me a sick ass bong and slide? for like a hundred. to 150. preferrably 18.8-19.0 mm joint size. and about a foot. sick as hell custom.

  2. @xaviermockingbird man for the spill over problem ur talking about, its really all in the design of the ashcatchers. i had a few tht did that too way back, but those broke off and i learned what to look for. ive found a few where it comes up vertically right beside the bowl and then back down to prevent that, and they work great. lol u just gotta learn to visualize what ur piece will do before u buy it, since u can never take em for a ''test drive'' 🙁

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