Friday Update-Let’s Speak About Cob Pipes

MM Cob dialogue and demonstrating a couple of from my large collection. Consists of a search at my oldest cob nonetheless in rotation. No pipe is ideal and I’ve had more than a couple of cob pipes split and drop aside on me. Like Scott says, “It truly is a corn cob pipe, folks”.
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10 thoughts on “Friday Update-Let’s Speak About Cob Pipes

  1. I started with a corn cob 8yrs ago and never knew that it was the best way to start .Due to a house fire I lost my first corn cob and now I'm starting over I have some corn cob on the way and hope to begin again.

  2. Really helpful information buddy. Ordered my first cob after watching this video. Still waiting for it. First timer here. Planning to start my video/journey within the weeks ahead. Thanks for the video!

  3. Bought a bag of "seconds" and out of 10, ended up with 6 different models, all smokable, some were hard to tell why it was a "second" a VERY nice selection….total mystery until you open the box.
    Missouri Meerschaum is VERY picky about what they sell and I keep the handful of "firsts" I have at home, my "seconds" go in the van, used for tasting, for coworkers and friends that want to try pipes.
    Cobs are not expensive so a rotating collection of them can cost less than ONE briar.
    I'd rather spend my coins on different tobaccos…
    Thank You for sharing…just hit the subscribe button

  4. Great review well done. I agree with you one hundred percent on everything.And the pipe you are smoking out of is also my favorite.I am a new subscriber my Friend.

  5. Great video, Hilman. Good to see someone else spreading the love of cobs..:D Hope you're doing good, my friend.

  6. I have around 10 cobs and love them, my freehand is awesome! True That on the Chinese knock offs, who knows what glue and other material are in them, plus wth it's not like MM are expensive.

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