How To Repair A Corn Cob Pipe

I am no pro but this actually appeared to function soon after I set more pipe mud in it and allow it dry. I nonetheless cannot suggest a hardwood plug on the bottom of a Missouri Meerschaum adequate. This works even though! Just purchase a MM and you need to be established!!!!
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5 thoughts on “How To Repair A Corn Cob Pipe

  1. Use a syringe to apply the pipe mud and place a spacer like a golf tee into the shank to give a shape and depth for the exhaust hole.

  2. Probably good idea to put a pipe cleaner in too block draft hole to avoid any mud from blocking draft hole. Anyway,good idea to save the pipe from a future trash can.👍😏

  3. Good Idea! But I think is better with some honey and ashes.Good video! …..(Sorry, my English sucks)

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