Joint & Muscle mass Ache Cayenne Salve – Natural Cures

Cayenne & St. Johns Wort Salve | Natural Medicine

240ml of St Johns Wort Oil,
28 grms of Bees Wax,
four tea spoons of Cayenne Pepper.

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11 thoughts on “Joint & Muscle mass Ache Cayenne Salve – Natural Cures

  1. I was asking when making the cayenne salve do you know how much wintergreen should I add when I prepare it

  2. can you make it with wintergreen essential oil and show us portion amount or what would you recommend?

  3. You used your bare hands to work with the cayenne oil. 🙁 I would recommend that people wear gloves, cause we always get an itchy eye when working with cayenne and, though it won't hurt your eyes, it sure stings (forever).

  4. Hi, great video!
    I want to make a skin numbing cream to apply before waxing and I was thinking in the following ingredients: Camphor, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Allspice, Clove, Cayenne pepper and Aloe Vera. Thoughts please. I could not find anything on your channel related with numbing. Thanks.

  5. quick video loved it giving it giving it a whirl…have you tried using arnica or anything from the mint family?

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