default-3 Pipe Cigarette smoking for the Initial Time! Corn Cob Pipes

Pipe Cigarette smoking for the Initial Time!

default-3 Pipe Cigarette smoking for the Initial Time! Corn Cob Pipes

► I made a decision to give pipe using tobacco a attempt! My curiosity was sparked so I picked up a couple of things to get started out: Missouri Meerschaum Missouri Delight corn cob pipe, Dunhill My Combination 965, tamp tool, and a new comfortable flame lighter. Comment with movies you would like to see and what tobaccos I must smoke!

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16 thoughts on “Pipe Cigarette smoking for the Initial Time!

  1. so far favorite tobbacos personaly is aromatics i like bulk hot chocolate, rum flavored and cordual flavor ((the alcohal ones you can taste the alcohal while you smoke it)) my favorite pipe is something called a churchwarden pipe basicly its a long stem pipe my pipe is like 16 inches in tottal leangth and it does have a way cooler smoke over all i been smokeing on and off 14 years

  2. hope your still smokeing a pipe and trying other flavors what i do is i light it and puff while lighting it and i got probly 10-20 seconds of this before i try to puff with out flame ((not giving it a break)) after you got 3 -6 good puffs with out need of flame then the pipe is really set to be smoke cause you got a very good ember in the pipe at this point but dont spend to much time talking or it will go out

  3. I've been a pipe smoker for about 3 years now and I prefer a corn cob pipe with Christmas Cookie tobacco. good video I really enjoyed it

  4. A few things that I wish to say. there are cases in which the tobacco is too moist. especially with aromatic but also with non flavoured tobacco. try letting your tobacco dry a little bit (assuming it's too moist). also, while you were trying to light up the pipe, the pipe was probably hot. This might have masked the true flavours of the tobacco, because the smoke got hotter (assuming it did).

  5. very nice video! been smoking a pipe and cigars since about a week after my 18th birthday. I'm now 23 and manage a B&M…

    try packing a little tighter, don't be afraid to really get it going in the beginning. Also, I've found pipe tobacco can stay a bit dryer than cigars and still maintain good flavor… try this technique: pull in smoke, exhale through mouth, pull in smoke, retrohale… That= one puff

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