The Generating Of A Blakemar Briar Tobacco Pipe kingdom/
A quick video clip displaying the approaches used to develop a handmade Blakemar Briar.

This pipe was manufactured on Thursday thirtieth September, the entire procedure taking just underneath an hour. It was turned from a plateau of Briar acquired from Jaume Hom of Spain. The stem is an ‘EXTRA’ high quality vulcanite from Carlo Giudici of Italy.

Pipe created by Mike Billngton.
Video filmed and edited by Sean Billington.
Copyright© 1997-2010. Blakemar Briars. All legal rights reserved.
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Smoking a pipe was common in Britain up to the late seventies – certainly my personal father smoke a pipe.

Here’s a chance to get an comprehending of the outdated artwork of smoking a tobacco pipe

24 thoughts on “The Generating Of A Blakemar Briar Tobacco Pipe

  1. Wow. Enjoyed watching the process. A man got's to know his limitations and I bow to you. It would be awesome to be your friend/neighbor and have you help me to make my own personal pipe. Afterwards we could pop open a beer and light up.

  2. Ok im new to pipe smoking i love to see handmade pipes and the craftsmanship that goes into them but will someone exain the wide difference in prices. As far as i can tell most are made from briar so why are some 75 bucks and others that look the exact same are upwards of 400 or 500 what am i missing

  3. Amazing and I love these video Old world Craftmeship. I have a lot of pipes. I want a Blakmar Pipe They are so beautiful I love them. I love the calabash shape. How can I get one.

  4. Hi just found your pipes on eBay could not believe you are just a few miles away from were I live so will be coming to pay you a visit very soon. Loved the video. See you soonAnthony

  5. He is fine!! Who cares about smoking pipes. Lol. I can't take my eyes off of him, he's extremely attractive.

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