default-4 Aristocob Store Quick: How do you deal with "Pipe Funk" in a corn cob pipe? Corn Cob Pipes

Aristocob Store Quick: How do you deal with “Pipe Funk” in a corn cob pipe?

default-4 Aristocob Store Quick: How do you deal with "Pipe Funk" in a corn cob pipe? Corn Cob Pipes

If it has not transpired to you yet, it will. You may load up your favorite pipe with your favored tobacco and following a number of puffs will wrinkle your nose in disgust and wonder what referred to as in there and died! Pipe Funk occurs to the best of us and it tends to happen when we present too significantly favoritism to a single pipe. This online video addresses some simple suggestions for working with pipe funk, including resting, UV publicity and cleaning.

If after your ideal energy you pipe continues to experience from the funk, established it apart for a handful of months and deal with your self to a new Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipe from Following a few weeks off I am certain your previous friend will be back again to standard.

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7 thoughts on “Aristocob Store Quick: How do you deal with “Pipe Funk” in a corn cob pipe?

  1. The shanks (mortises) on my two MM cobs seem to be the problem area as well, despite using Everclear. I'll try some UV as well.

  2. Q-tips and highproof is the way to get rid of the pipe funk, at least to me. How upcoming deeming regulations are affecting to order MM cobs to Europe, we do get them over here from tobacco shops but certain models and bowl shapes are only available through Internet.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. So you really leave a little of the old tobacco in the bottom? Seems like that would get stale and start to taste bad.

    I've got a new cobbit shire that I've only smoked three times, so far, and, to me, it tastes like an ashtray. Maybe it's just me. I'm new to pipes. I've tried three different tobaccos, so far. I've tried Dunhill's early morning pipe and I tried a couple of nice smelling aromatics from my local shop. The Dunhill just smells/tastes like a strong cigar, to me. Not what I was expecting. So I tried the aromatics. They smell great in the bag, but when burning, they just smell/taste like a mild cigar. Not much aromatic flavor or smell. Also, having a tough time keeping the pipe lit. I've watched a lot of videos on how to pack the bowl, but maybe I'm not getting it.

    It's frustrating. I listen to reviews of different tobaccos where people talk about the different flavors they're picking up on and all I taste is cigar and ashtray! I guess it's an acquired taste? What am I doing wrong?

  4. When your pipes are not in use during rotation, are they better off being stored in the open air, or in a sealed container?

  5. I got rid of pipe funk by taking your advice and set them outside to air out in the sun. The good news is that it probably got rid of the pipe funk however I found out that squirrels really like pipe funk and had just a feast of a time on my cobs. If someone wants to use this method place them in some chicken wire or get one of those scary owls you see at wal mart however I caught one squirrel rubbing its butt up against it one day. Maybe I should place them in one of those squirrel traps. I guess now I can get one of those second packages. STUPID SQUIRRELS!

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