Five Ideas For New Tobacco Pipe People who smoke

Together with the movie on how to smoke a pipe @ this online video is aimed at a new or studying pipe smoke. These are five ideas or suggestions that I would like I had acknowledged when I began using tobacco pipe tobacco.
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A limited documentation showing the producing of a briar pipe.

The pipe was produced in a single working day by the German pipe maker Nils Thomsen who
life in Berlin.

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36 thoughts on “Five Ideas For New Tobacco Pipe People who smoke

  1. Hey! I watched these vids!! Now I just gotta go out and get a pipe. Still don't think I'll look as cool as you but I'll try..

  2. Awesome video,great tips and all true statements,! If I were starting out piping living in the States I'd perhaps would buy myself a pouch of Carter Hall & Prince Albert Tobacco or another light to medium strong enlish blend and stick with these few tobacco for the first month or two, Thank You Derek, and Best Greets, Paul

  3. Yes I like smoking pipes. However quitting smoking I'm trying electronic.
    Carcinogenic swill kill. Been doing it fort 30 years. Educate yourselves and you can get as much satisfaction from a less dangerous carcinogenic device. Fire fly etc,

  4. Great video brother wish I would've known some of these tips when I started keep up the great work.. and keep on keeping on

  5. You do realize that buying drugs off the internet is most fucking retarded. Also these are not weed pipes, they are for tobacco. No one will ever destroy a nice pipe by smoking weed in it. Also YouTube isn't a place to advertise your business.

  6. I don't know how I missed this before now. such a good video…beautifully edited, and presenting the process of an artisan making a pipe so very well. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  7. Sehr sehr schΓΆnes Video!

    Trotz fehlenden Werkzeugs – man mΓΆchte es doch glatt selbst versuchen… πŸ™‚

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