four Spending budget Tobacco Pipes

In this online video I introduce 4 wonderful funds tobacco pipes that I have acquired, ideal for your initial pipe, or for increasing your collection even further.

In buy they are:

Falcon Coolway no.thirteen: isles/acatalog/Falcon-Coolway-Form-No-thirteen-Briar-Pipe-2089.html

Blakemar Briars Aristocrat Poker: isles/pipes/aristocrat/

Butz Choquin Gentleman ROC no.six: kingdom/acatalog/butz_choquin_pipes_gentleman_roc.html

Aldo Morelli Loretto Rustic no.724: kingdom/acatalog/buy_loretto_rustic_by_aldo_morelli_briar_pipes.html

The prices I give in the video clip ended up precise at time of acquire, but could have altered slightly.
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19 thoughts on “four Spending budget Tobacco Pipes

  1. Funny saying this since Meerschaum is considered the most expensive material, but ordering pipes directly from Turkish manufacturers can cut the price at least half way. European and American distributors charge great prices when sold locally. I had a Meerschaum beauty that I bought for around 15 pounds when visiting Eskisehir and it is my favorite out of my collection

  2. Briar tobacco pipes are good but they gurgle and accumulate posture…That's why I got myself a Falcon & a Kirsten Pipe because they never gurgle and moisture is a no subject. You can actually clean them WHILE smoking your favorite brand of tobacco in it. PLUS, Wooden tobaccos, you'll need to "rest" and rotate them thus you'll need more than 5 of them while a Falcon pipe you'll only need one stem and 5 bowls for flavor designation.

  3. Nice brier tobacco pipes. The problem about these pipes personally? It's that they GURGLE after a while you're using them + they accumulate a lot of moisture. Then you'll need to clean and sweeten them which requires them a bit of care. I ad 12 pipes like those but I now don't use them ever since I discovered the Falcon aluminum and the Kirsten radiator smoking pipe. Both of these pipes NEVER gurgle regardless how hard you puff and cleaning it is easy that you only need a couple of tissue papers + 3 pieces of q-tips and you're done cleaning! There's no "Ghosting" or mixing of tobacco flavors on these pipes and every part is customizable!

  4. I really like the look of the Morelli. It's too bad I found this video almost a year after you posted it. That pipe has been discontinued and I cannot find it on any site. Thanks for the suggestions (although, my wife would say I have enough pipes already).

  5. who the fuck buys a pipe for tabaco, technically they are sold for tabaco but so are bings and the only thing people buy them for is weed

  6. I'm a uk pipe smoker don't suppose you have any sites that would ship mcclelland pipe tobacco or any American blends?

  7. You are exceptionally sexy and sophisticated smoking cigars and pipes. Google nicotine forces benefits to learn how nicotine can help with weight loss, help to keep you thin and beautiful, helps prevent and treat Alzheimers, schizophrenia, OCD, depression, ulcerative colitis, anxiety, and so much more. We have been lied to by all the scare tactics and exaggerations about smoking. If second hand smoke is so "toxic," why don't smokers instantly die the moment they inhale? Why are there not legions of dead smokers laying in the streets, along with everyone who ever smelled the smoke passing by? Most things in moderation are harmless. Eating a ton of cheeseburgers for 40 years will kill you. So will smoking 40 to 60 cigarettes a day for 40 years. But in moderation – 5 to 10 cigarettes a day, or a cigar, according to the book "The Health Benefits of Tobacco," by medical doctor William Douglass, MD – it's basically harmless. No more risky than having cheesecake or junk food now and then, to savor the pleasures of life. Jeanne Calment smoked several cigarettes a day for 90 years, and she lived to be 122, the oldest woman in the world. Google her name, click images, and you will see tons of photos of this very old woman smoking… and enjoying it. 

    It's all in your genes. Many people smoke their entire lives, without any trouble at all. But some with bad genes run into trouble. So why not just enjoy? My next door neighbor was a chain smoker, and even though I wouldn't recommend that, the reality is that he smoked for 80 years, and lived to be a VERY old man… and was happy for the "little pleasures of life," like smoking. So stop the smoker-haters, and share this reality with others. Just because people repeat the scare tactics over and over again until everyone's tuned out doesn't mean they're true. The haters just like to pick out the few tiny examples and say, "This will happen to you." That's like showing you pictures of a mangled car wreck and saying, "Don't drive your car, because this might happen." Not true. Scare tactics never work, because people start seeing through them. I say, "Enjoy life, don't run from it. Relax, and enjoy a good smoke along the way." You can also grow tobacco at home, google homegrown tobacco to learn more, and google tobacco seeds for sale to buy them.

  8. Nice pipes ,good vid bro.ran across your channel so, I subscribed to your channel bro have a great day . Looking forward to more videos

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