Meerschaum Pipes from the ground up

Comply with a miner and a carver as they just take meerschaum stone out of the ground and transform it into a operate of art.
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Special & Hand-produced Gemstone Meerschaum Pipe from
Overall Gemstone carat fat: eight.00 ct tw & eighty pcs of 100% organic gemstones, Danish Design and style.

Purple Ruby: 19 pcs/one.90 carat
Orange Sapphire: 19 pcs/one.90 carat
Yellow Sapphire: 17 pcs/one.70 carat
Violet blue Tanzanite: 14 pcs/one.40 carat
Green Sapphire: eleven pcs/one.ten carat
Overall gem/ct: eighty pcs/8.00 carat

Gemstone Clarity: VS-SI
Gemstone origin: Afrika
Meerschaum origin: Turkey
Gemstone Hardness: six,5 – 9 on Moh’s scale
Online video Score: / 5

15 thoughts on “Meerschaum Pipes from the ground up

  1. That was like a "Documentary meets Art Film"! I have whole ne respect for these hand carved Meerschaums. The whole scene in the mine, I just kept thinking OSHA! Oh GOD someone call OSHA! I go through abandoned gold mines where I live all the time, but THAT scared me! Beautiful work and a great video. Thanks!

  2. I have a Meerschaum that was made for me from Turkey. This should help u appreciate what goes into the mining of the stone.

  3. @TobaccoBarn Oh ok. Great video by the way it was very informative. I find it amazing how they cut through it like soap.

  4. @TobaccoBarn
    Absolutely! I just got my first meer just under a month ago. It's great, my most recent video on my site displays it. it was a birthday present from my girlfriend. I LOVE how my meerschaum smokes englishes. a superb smoke indeed. I got a Dasnke meer

  5. ah, i was going off Richard Hacker's words. I mean, the fact that he's met Ismail Ozel was enough for me to trust his words.

    But I suppose even experts can be wrong

  6. meerschaum isn't a stone, rather, as the name suggests it is fossilized "sea foam"

    thats what meerschaum means in German as well

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