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  1. yeah Jack I think you did a gd job you will get use to the drawing method for me my first time it came very natural when I started to puff on it I think I cough a couple times but I took my time and I try not to pack the pipe to tight as you keep doing it you will get better and better at it keepl on puffing buddy ☺☺☺☺👍👍👍👍👍 best regards Peter.

  2. Ahhh the memories! LOL. Take things all in stride. There is nothing here I would say you're really doing wrong. In my experience and opinion, cobs do get warm but they are supposed to dissipate heat quickly. The number one rule you have to remember is that if you feel your pipe is too hot, put it down for a while. There is no rule that says you have to smoke it from start to finish in one go. I would use the guideline of if it 's too hot to hold against your cheek, then yes, you are smoking too hard, but that can happen for a number of reasons. Eg, baccy packed too tight, puffing too hard or too often etc etc…all these thing s are even more pronounced in a briar pipe. You have to work out a good cadence to your smoking and that only happens with time.

    Don't kid yourself…there IS a burn or break in period with cobs. You do need to form a cake in a cob. Until you do, you will taste a burnt corn flavour but that will disappear with time and use. I always hated breaking in a cob. You don't get that with briar but there is also a break in period with briar as well. With a cob, don't get too hung up on "building a cake". Just load it all the way to the top and smoke the fire out of it. Don't worry, a cake will form. There is a lot of hoopla out there that is confusing and completely unnecessary…maybe I should do a video debunking that stuff….hmmm food for thought.

    As with all things, take a bit of info from here and there and see what works for you. If you have questions, I and the other members of the community are always around to help and answer any questions you may have.

    Hope this helps….Glen

  3. excellent start!!! Loved it. No worries about your match breaking. I broke mine as I was watching your vid. Still happens to those who have smoked for awhile. I started just like you, keep at it.

  4. By the way, I felt VERY foolish and self-conscious trying to learn the pipe smoking ritual…and you did it on camera! You got guts, Jack! As the rodeo riders say, that boy's got lots of Try!!

  5. Pipe smoke is in general more "mellow" of a smoke than cigar smoke. There are, however, more stout blends (I'm looking at you, Burley Flake), so take care. You mentioned a burnt taste at first light–corn cobs in particular tend to taste a bit "burny" for the first few smokes, as the bowl "burns in" or as the sides caramelize (not really, but close enough of a description). I tend to close the back of my throat as I draw in…it's a habit from 20 years of cigar smoking, so that's never been a problem for me…but it may take some time for you to get it just right. Glad you found my "How to Smoke a Pipe" series…keep it up!! You're well on your way!

  6. I think implementing pipes into your magician image and/or your stage show would be pretty awesome!

  7. You and Ben could be brothers separated at birth! I noticed that from your very first video, kinda funny.

  8. Very good first smoke. I took a while to get my techniques down. Just don't get discouraged. I almost gave it up because I wasn't enjoying it at first, but I learned "the art" of it and it is very enjoyable. I thought starting out I would like aromatics best, but they almost always gave me horrible tongue bite, so I smoke mostly burley Blend flakes or English. For packing, you did fine, you just don't want to pack too tight to start which you didn't. You can always tamp as you go to get good consistency, but if you start too tight you'll have to run a pipe cleaner up the stem and try and push the tobacco up or use the pipe nail and try and loosen the bowl, but you did good. I always use a match to preflight the top surface, and just a couple of puffs, the. I let it rest and die out. This leaves a nice fine ash on top. I lightly tamp the top then and do a good light with a lighter or another match to get the pipe going. I find this helps the pipe stay lit better. You will learn to use your thumb or fingers over the bowl to softly stoke the embers when they get low and this will help to not have to relight as much. But great job enjoy and try to puff slow to keep the heat down. The taste will be better and less tongue bite. Also for the inhaling, I don't know if you used to smoke cigarettes or not, but I've found that people who are or were cigarette smokers before, have a real hard time not inhaling pipes or cigars. Hope this helps! Great job and I'm a new subscriber looking forward to more videos!

  9. you did way better then i did when i started last year wow. its okay if the pipes warm, aslong as it doesent hurt really. i didnt…really see much wrong with anything you did though your mostly doing everything right. now you just need to do it a bit more. goodluck man, enjoy it.

    and the taste the taste will come with time, some tobaccos dont really have much flavor either especially aromatics, theyre more for the aroma and the smoke in the room then they are for your tastebuds

  10. Well done first smoke! You can read lots about packing but proper packing only comes with practice. I didn't get it right until I stopped thinking about it!
    As cheap as Czech tools are, there are unfortunately junky Chinese knock offs of them too! I have a half dozen Czech tools scattered about wherever I like to smoke. They do tend to disappear! I've got a built in pipe lighter tamper that I use most of the time and a nice tamper for when I'm feeling fancy. LOL

  11. You certainly have courage! I would not have videoed my first pipe smoke, but you did great! Love the cob. Looking forward to how you fare going forward – good luck friend!

  12. A good start Jack. I think Ben nailed it down for you for the most part. It will come to you in time and become very enjoyable. My only observations of note are 1) it looks like you packed the pipe a little to loosely. It's OK to have a firmer pack just as long as it doesn't diminish the draw. that will all come in time with a little practice. But 2) the big thing for me is to NEVER inhale. Smoking a pipe is about enjoying it not damaging your lungs. We all will occasionally get a small accidental inhale from time to time but that is to be avoided. Last thing. In my opinion clenching is a bad habit because it tends to damage or mark up the stem but that's just my opinion. We all find it convenient to clench sometimes. There really isn't a wrong way to smoke a pipe just a few small things to avoid.

  13. You're off and running! Pipe smoking is both communal and personal. Over time, you will develop your own style for what works for you. The basics are there, but like all things pipe smoking, one man's ritual is another man's bane. Keep at it and relax. It's not a race. Cheers!

  14. a pretty good start I'd say Jack, Eddie from the pipe nook YTPC is in midst of a 25 part series on how to smoke a pipe, well worth a look , Terry 👍💨💨

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