Pipe Unboxing

Unboxing a package I recieved right now from Missouri Meershaum–Sorry the movie stuffs up a little bit close to the commencing and center as my webcam made a decision to briefly quit and continue recording for some odd reason–Don’t forget to Like, Remark and Subscribe–Enjoy!!
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Title says it all.

4 thoughts on “Pipe Unboxing

  1. 3. Coloring them- smoke the day lights out of them! Touch them, handle them… It's why you bought it to smoke it! I use the old school briar pipe wipe to freshen up the pipes after almost every smoke. Once every 6months or more I use a little bees wax/ olive oil mix on the pipes as it helps bring out the color. Hope this helps. -Mathias

  2. 1. The best thing about a meerschaum pipe is there is NO break in period. Full it up and enjoy a pure tobacco experience! 2. Cleaning- use pipe cleaners and occasionally wipe out the bowl. 50% will say no cake in the bowl and 50% will say cake is fine. I would lean to the no cake side, but I'm kind of a nut like that anyway.

  3. Kevin, good questions! I had tons of them before I bought my first Meer years ago. What you have heard so far is correct…

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