Power Herbal Formula for Strength, Toughness, Stamina, Muscle mass Obtain, Functionality, Digestion &Libido

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5 thoughts on “Power Herbal Formula for Strength, Toughness, Stamina, Muscle mass Obtain, Functionality, Digestion &Libido

  1. Owen, I really appreciate you and the work you are doing in sharing the benefits of Chinese herbs. Thank you very much for giving of yourself and your life in helping many who need an alternative to synthetic medication or those who are doing all they could with the regular fruit and veggies diet but not seeing getting the breakthroughs that Chinese herbs can achieve for us. I'm so happy to see the wonders these herbs have done for you and glad to see that you are doing well. Stay healthy my friend and keep advocating the time-proven benefits on Chinese herbs. Nuff love!

  2. This really does work. I've noticed significant differences taking this, even just once or twice a day. It works like for a few hours+ And if you take more, then you notice it in the libido department, esp after taking it 2 times per day for a few days! lol….. Great for energy tho or a natural pick-me-up instead of something like coffee etc. Excellent nutritional and health benefits also for many different things. Worth trying out if you are interested in this.! http://www.higherselfherbs.com/Strength_Instant_Herbal_Formula_500g/p2574270_12640441.aspx

  3. Endurance formula, lol, Sounds like you've just mixed a few mushrooms extracts and doubled the price.

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