14 thoughts on “Tobacco and why I smoke a pipe

  1. Hi Bill, would love to hear how youve been and what youre smoking these days…Still dark strong? Hope alls well

  2. Hi Bill,I've been watching your videos for a few mths now.I enjoy them very much. I have to agree with you, determining which tobaccos I select to smoke.Take care I look forward to your next video.Cheers George.

  3. hey i live just across the bridge in audubon, where do you usually go to buy tobacco? i cant find any place on this side of the river….

  4. That is the same reason i started smoking a pipe.My blood pressure was sky high i was always stressed. After i started smoking a pipe my blood pressure has went down and my stress level is lower. I love to sit on my porch with a good bowl and just relax with the taste and aroma.

  5. Bill, I think what happens when you gently blow back is that the canal of your nose that is inside your mouth opens a little and then you end up perceiving the "taste" of the snork. Its just the same sensation and taste as retrohale

  6. Thanks for the video Brother. I don't get much smell or taste when I smoke my pipe. I guess my sniffer & taster must be shot I guess.
    Sweet Smokes & Stay Smokey Brother !

  7. That's pretty neat that the company still does business in the old-school sort of way. I find that I never know how I feel about a blend until the 3rd or 4th smoke and I'll usually try it out in a few different bowl shapes (tall + narrow vs squat + wide) and it's interesting how everyone has such varied techniques.
    I've never even heard of that tobacco but my selection in Ontario is pretty limited and it seems like the provincial government makes it there goal to ban everything fun anyway.

    Nice video!


  8. It's a almost the same for me of how I know I like a tobacco, but it's the smell of the smoke the I exhale.
    I enjoy you videos… keep'em coming my friend. 👍

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