Tobacco Pipe Packing Methods – The Frank Strategy

Tobacco Pipe Packing Methods – The Frank Strategy
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Tune in to How Its Made Fridays @ 9pm | For much more, pay a visit to | Given that the 19th century, pipes have been made from briar wooden – a fire-resistant wood from the root of a Mediterranean heather shrub.

31 thoughts on “Tobacco Pipe Packing Methods – The Frank Strategy

  1. I think I use the grab and stuff method. These videos are interesting but usually whatever works for you. I read once where you put the tobacco in and press lightly like a baby, the second layer like a woman, and the third layer like a man.

  2. Frank did not invent this method but made it popular over the internet.
    My great grandfather in Germany used this method his entire adult life. Frank was not even born yet. It should be called the GERMAN method.

  3. I saw another method on you tube where the presenter taught that you pack the first top half of the bowl real tight, but leave the bottom empty, he said that worked great for him.

  4. Thank you so much for showing this method. I'm new to the hobby and I've been looking all over for ways to pack the pipe and after trying out different ones, I finally concluded to thie frank method. It works really great for me. Much less, almost no, tongue bit, much cooler burn, lasted considerably longer than the 3 pinch method. I really recommend, if not using this one, at least trying it out and see how it works for you.

  5. we have the same pipe! but i got mine hand made in china when i went over there, ive had it for the last 5 years and i love it, my grandpa just found his old pipe from when he was a kid and he's 95 years old! is it better to smoke through old pipes then new one's?

  6. Great informative video! I've been smoking a pipe for about 6 months and have always used the 3 pinch method. Well I tried this method a couple of days ago, thanks for your video, and I have to say it really improved the way my pipe smokes. I was really surprised how much of a difference it makes. Thanks for posting!

  7. I use this method, I like it. But it's not for a pipe you want to take care of. This method allows for some serious rim-burn. (Insert joke here.)

  8. Found an extremely weathered pipe like these washed up on the shore of Lake Michigan in the Chicago area, probably from a shipwreck.

  9. If you want to build it yourself just google for 'woodprix' . I know you will find good solutions for your idea.

  10. I need to get me another pipe and look up tobacco brands. πŸ˜€ I want to try davidoff brand tin tobacco but I want a nice pipe too πŸ™

  11. They should make a series called, How it WAS made.Β  This would show us how they would make the items WITHOUT the benefit of modern tech.

  12. Alright guys. I know it's for tobacco use and all,
    but WHY CANT you smoke weed out of it? I'd imagine it'd get the job done all the same…

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