What Occurs When You Training Higher?

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(Outcomes of Marijuana For the duration of Workout) – At any time believed of what will take place in your human body if you function out large on cannabis? Not that I condone operating out substantial or something, but the research on THC and workout is fairly intriguing! Can doing work out substantial improve your gains? Make it worse?

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19 thoughts on “What Occurs When You Training Higher?

  1. i used to workout high all the time, i feel i was more focused and didnt feel the pain, i was always really motivated, i really enjoyed it, only downside to it was a little bit of social anxiety , since the deuch bags at the gym are really "competitive" and they always had their eyes on me because of the intensity i used to work out, i didnt respond back to their provocations, i just ignored them, i was there only focusing on my workouts and improving myself either trying new excersizes, resting less time between sets, lifting more weight or doing more repts, etc, etc, i never tried to "compete" i think its ridicolous since we all have different routines and goals… its been more than 4 months i dont smoke (well, i didnt smoke actually, i used to vape with the nimbinvap for lungs health, its not thebest vaporizer since i had to use a lighter and i guess sometimes it generated combustions so i was inhaling a little bit of smoke, but mostly vapor),
    i`ve done research and it seems like cannabis consumption decreases testosterone, i am really dissapointed to find that out since i think it really helped, its well known that testosterone its essential for muscle growth, i was thinner then it was harder to me to gain weight when i used to smoke everyday, i started consuming a lot more carbs, i didn't want to admit but it seems that after 4 months of not vaping, i look bigger (thats what people say), i feel more energized, i do things i little bit faste, i guess i was abusing cannabis, i used to get high like 3-4 times a day, i was high all day actually, i can do great work outs now that im not high, i guess i was on a vicious cycle in which i was high all the time then woke up kind of tired next day of being high all day last day and i was kind of bored and unmotivated so i used to feel really tempted to get high again to feel motivated and focused, so even when i just wanted to get high just one time a day or maybe stay sober one day and high the next day and so on, it wasn't easy because the feeling coming down of the high was so boring i wanted to vape again real bad, the way i explain this might seems like i had a serious addiction problem, but its been almost five months without getting high, i made it, and i know i can quit anytime, what is hard for me to do its to not stay high all the time once i start vaping again, im having a hard time controling the amount of cannabis i consume when im doing it everyday and its mostly because of the unmotivated and boring state of mind i get once the effect is over, makes me want to get high again. even 'tho i was just a little bit more slower i was functional and could get stuff done, i used to read a lot and do a lot of things. and about the results in the gym, since when i was high i was so focused and motivated i used to work out 2 hours or more (i was probably over training), my muscles were really pumped fresh out of the gym, i probably wasn't consuming enough carbs and proteins to keep the muscle, that been said my recovery time was longer, and the fact that i have insomnia issues, i used to miss a few days since i didnt sleep right, some times 3 or 4 hours only, thats why i used to only go like 3-4 times a week, and gotta also add to account that i love cardio (running long distances) so i also used to go for a 30-50 minutes running to a park, ( i can easily do 11km in 50 minutes any given day), i drink cinnamon/green tea every day, green tea infused coffee in the mornings, often mixed with cacao powder too, and also green juices(spinach,celery,cucumber,pinapple,orange) which i love to drink because of focus and relaxation, but i guess my metabolism was accelerated so i go to often to the bathroom because of that , and putting all that into account that is why i couldn't gain weight, these all are reasons to not blame on cannabis fully for not growing to much muscle even 'tho my workouts were intense, lately i've been reading a lot, watching videos and a lot of information about building muscle and i've learned a lot, its probable that i will get back to getting high again in the future, but it will be different this time, with all i've learned and a more protein/carb balanced program, i also plan to take more aminoacids by then , 2-3 times a day since i didnt consume no aminoacids those days, just once in a while, and the glutamine as well, i'll report and share my experience and give my final vereditct by then.

  2. I'm a big stoner. Pro natural bodybuilder and a British and world champion. Cannabis is the best bodybuilding drug out there imo

  3. I'm gone right now bitches and that's why Michael Phelps smokes weed not only for relaxation but for speed

  4. I smoke everyday it keep me calm and helps Me think better And I be working out high and I be good but sum mfs just can't handle the loud cause they act dumb asf

  5. I'm fucking high right now to be honest smoking weed makes me not want to work out at all I almost never work out when I'm high but whenever I get off of being high after being high for a long time the workout was really good

  6. I was it I was in boxing and I was able to do better with working out when I smoked. I have fibromyalgia and smoking and working out helps me out a lot to keep going instead of worrying about the pain that I'm feeling.

  7. who the fuck smoke weed then go work out? u suppose to workout, eat your post workout meal, smoke weed, masturbate and go to bed. in that order.

  8. Fuck man, watching this while high don't understand a single fucking word of this complicatet video😂

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