12 thoughts on “YABO #5 – My Initial Corn Cob Pipe

  1. Just ran across this video! Cobs are my all-time favorite and I hope your still working the "General" into your pipe rotation!
    In fact, I just received a "pony express" and a straight "diplomat (5th Ave)" in the mail today and I love 'em to death! Can't wait to smoke the "pony" on my commute to work! See you around the community!

  2. Hi Sam
    Great videos, greatly appreciated. Am anticipating the arrival of my first pipe ever today! Can't wait!

  3. Hope you're enjoying your first cob! It's a trend here on youtube, for sure. I had a couple about 40 years ago, but haven't had any since. With the resurgence, I am tempted to get another. Enjoy!

  4. glad you enjoyed your first MM corncob. I enjoy all five of mine, and even have toe grab bag of smokeable seconds waiting for me to open at Christmas

  5. I'm new to pipe smoking myself and have started with cobs. I am really enjoying their benefits. Just discovered your channel. Very good, I'll be a regular…later, Tim

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