Aristocob Shop Quick: How huge is the bowl on the Mark Twain corn cob pipe?

Defiant Pipes requested about the dimension of the Missouri Meerschaum “Mark Twain” corn cob pipe. Check out and on the base of the House website page you are going to locate a url to our pipe chart, in which we checklist the critical measurements of many of the Missouri Meerschaum pipes.
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Below is our tiny front porch pipe smoking retreat alongside with our custom made pipe hutch and a lil corn cob pipe modification. is the place we offer you our collaboration pipe with Missouri Meerschaum so you can customize your own creation.
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23 thoughts on “Aristocob Shop Quick: How huge is the bowl on the Mark Twain corn cob pipe?

  1. advice for new pipe smokers buy a mark twain the reason why is that the walls on the pipe are so thick it won't feel like the pipe is on fire in your hand new pipe smokers generally keep puffing and dont really know too relax and puff slowly remember enjoy the smoke

  2. My doc put the kibosh on me smoking my pipes. But I still enjoy your channel. I vicariously enjoy a Missouri Meerschaum now. Keep up the great work. Love these short videos.

  3. The MT is one of my favorite shapes that MM makes. It feels great in the hand and the chamber is the perfect size for me. I added a tortoise shell Forever Stem to mine and it looks great!

  4. lol that collection make me so jealous when i compare it to my only 2 pipes !!! (corncobs) lol, but its a start! someday ill get me a briar or a meerschaum ( if i convince the gf to get me one :P)

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