How Vauen Tobacco Pipes are created!

See how Vauen Tobacco Pipes are manufactured many thanks to Vauen!
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A fast chat about introducing a cannabis smoker to tobacco pipes. Looks like it really is going to be a work in progress!

Cousin Rudy hitting the tobacco pipe:
Cousin Rudy hitting the weed pipe:
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24 thoughts on “How Vauen Tobacco Pipes are created!

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  3. dam that pipe looks straight outa movie. man, weed's really the only thing for me tho. people have quit from just smokin weed. cheers bro, dabbing this shit from cali too. peace

  4. So, can you smoke weed out of a tobacco pipe? And if you do is there something you need to do to take care of your pipe?

  5. great man, I smoke with a wood pipe, and it works wonders. Activated carbon filter makes the smoking so smooth and enjoyable, another advantage of a wood pipe. 50/50!

  6. It's probably your addiction to nicotine that is your reason for convincing yourself that it will help your sore throat feel better. Anything to satisfy the nicotine craving

  7. What were you guys listening to on the first vid? His pipe tobacco reaction video?
    I'd ask your brother but the last comment was from two years ago.

  8. I've done the shot of alcohol many time for sore throat. It's more psychological than the real deal though ๐Ÿ˜‰

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