9 thoughts on “Modifying a Mark Twain cob pipe. Brief shank. Saddle bit.

  1. crazy I am packing my pipe with some Dunhill Nightcap before I shut down for the night  when I came across your channel!!! immediate sub

  2. Nice pipe improvise.
    I personally like the church warden style pipes.
    Although I do use shorter sometimes depends on the mood I suppose lol
    Enjoyed thx 👍

  3. or also video of cutting hair on a hairstyle that I like a lot the medium fade slick back hair style with a nice lineups with hair and beard and then at the end top it off with a nice smoking smoking pipe and a drink of whiskey at the end of the shift

  4. hello Sir i was wondering if you would be willing to share some of your home made beard oil recipes. maybe a video series or something.

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