My new meershaum pipe and a few queries

purchased my self a new meershaum pipe so i thought ild demonstrate it off and a few concerns
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I smoke some HH Syrian out of my decrepit meershaum pipe while talking about what my previous words and phrases would be on this earth. That is Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald singing “Cheek to Cheek” in the history. Thanks for observing, commenting and score. This is a fantastic topic by the way. Kudos for everybody who have posted their final phrases. Cheers!
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16 thoughts on “My new meershaum pipe and a few queries

  1. i haven't actually tried any aros in the meer yet but i may give it ago, thanks for the comment dude peace out

  2. Hi Adam, my friend…Great video. i do like your Meerschaum pipe.
    Take good care, and Sweet Smokes.
    Blessed Be.

  3. When you take off and put on the stem always twist to the right, so that you don't unscrew it. Most of the meers I have now are narrow bowls and I smoke mostly flake in them but I've also smoked everything else in them. I don't know if this is true but where I hold the bowl has turned darker first. Enjoy it, the taste smoking a new meer is wonderful.


  4. Very nice Meerschaum there, Adam! I have a Meer now, and I love it. It's up to you what you want to smoke in it, really. There's no need to 'break it in', as far as I know, as you are not attempting to build up any cake (actually you're not supposed to build up cake in a Meer to my knowledge). At the moment I'm mainly using mine to smoke samples that friends on Youtube have sent me to get as much as an unadulterated experience as possible.

  5. @pipewizard the smokes i have had in it so far have been great ild recomend getting one if youvcan find a good price peace out dude

  6. check out northwoods pipe repair… its in tennessee.. they've cleaned up a few of my pipes… i know they do repairs… they are a great mom and pop store

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