Smoking a Savinelli Tobacco Pipe

Using tobacco a Savinelli Tobacco Pipe
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I am by no indicates an specialist or a veteran pipe smoker, but I have learned from my errors to aid prevent other individuals from performing the very same. Some of the details ou there I have discovered to be untrue as well these kinds of as the require to thoroughly clean your pipe after each smoke or that you ought to only smoke a new pipe as soon as a day. The greatest way to discover this stuff is from experience so go seize your self a pipe and some great tobacco! I also forgot to point out one enormous miscalculation I created. Dont at any time clean a pipe with rubbing alcohol that is not pure. Other substances in the liquor can trigger an terrible taste to linger in your pipe. If doubtful, use everclear or vodka
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17 thoughts on “Smoking a Savinelli Tobacco Pipe

  1. "Ideally you should have one pipe for each day of the week." To the pipe smokers out there, I'm curious how realistic this statement is. How many pipes do you guys own?

  2. this video is very good. man I completely destroyed my first pipe, it was wood, but not briar, I just never cleaned that one. second was a cob- like you I cracked it and burned out the bottom. third was a briar – I propped scorched the rim and teeth marks all over the stem. fourth pipe was more forgiving and took a little more punishment! I guess its all part of learning

  3. hey friend! be careful when you are using that heavy of a flame on your lighter! it may char your tobacco or give you some tongue bite! and tongue bite may actually increase your chances of oral cancer! just looking out for a fellow pipe smoker!

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