12 thoughts on “Smoking cigarettes Mini Corn Cob Pipe

  1. I collect pipes and smoke them time to time.  I will say that corn cob pipes are of the best smoking pipes.  They lack the longevity of briar pipes, but they work great.

  2. Hi there, i love Amphora full aroma but not alone as it bite my so hard but after mixing it with CB-White i start liking it more as the bite gone

  3. You inspired me to try this pipe and I love it! This is the only video on youtube that showcases this pipe, so thanks!

  4. I got mine just recently, identical to yours. But how do you clean it after smoking? Because my pipe cleaner won't fit in it.

  5. Hi Man, i got mine from Cop O.Jos website where the same also available from pipe&cigar and official M.M website.

  6. Great vid but i dont know where to get that pipe, i usually get them from aristocob but he dosent sell the minis, where can i buy it?

  7. You look really Asian. Too Asian to be Arabic… I know we have Mongolian blood, but not THAT much… lol

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