Sunday Smoke – 07/thirty/2017 – “DOMESTIC CATTLE”

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Seattle Pipe Club “Deception Pass,” the “Stonehenge Flake” evaluation, Splatoon two is really exciting, Waterfield Design and style Namco Museum promo, taking part in the games I want, a query about pronunciation, and Washington State’s new distracted driving regulation.
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16 thoughts on “Sunday Smoke – 07/thirty/2017 – “DOMESTIC CATTLE”

  1. Thanks for all of the responses! I wish I could say that I see a regional pattern developing, but I can't. So far, amongst the Americans who have responded, it does seem that KON-tuh m-pley-tiv is more common. Also, the Pacific Northwest (where I grew up and still live today) seems pretty monolithic in pronouncing it the way I do. I also see a slight trend of MY way being more common in the Midwest as well. Lots of conflicting responses from the UK and Canada though. None of this is scientific of course, but it's still quite interesting!

  2. Good vid mate. I'm British but I have to agree with the way you say that- never heard it the other way haha 🙂
    I just think of it as contemplate-iv.
    Also, in the UK if you are caught with a phone in the UK you get a min. of £200.00 fine/ max. £2500.00 fine for larger vehicles and 6 "points" on your licence (max of 12 before its taken away). But if you have passed your test within 2 years you lose your licence. :-O

  3. Down here in Texas we say contemplative the exact same way. And on a curious note my Scottish family says it just the same as you and me. Until you said it the "English" way I've not heard it pronounced that way. Interesting.

  4. I've honestly never heard anyone pronounce contemplative they way you do. I live in Ontario Canada; grew up in the UK, so I'm guessing it's a regional thing in the US. Your videos are laid back and cool and I love that Peterson silver spigot…I might even go so far as to say I covet it.

  5. Have you ever tried Robert McConnell's scottish cake? I think that it is a really great vaper (sweet and spicy). one of my favorites.

  6. I'm from New Zealand so we have a very british vocab, and I say it the same as you, even though I have heard it often pronounced the other way.

  7. By the way, they passed a new law here in Honolulu that makes it illegal to use a cell phone, iPad, etc., while crossing the street because there are too many stupid people that can't figure out how to walk safely while using these technologies, lol.

  8. You pronounced it exactly as I do. By the way, I am actually from all over, Born in Scotland but raised in the U.S., mainly in Chicago and St. Louis, then North Carolina, now Hawaii.

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