Bent vs Straight Pipe? To Filter or Not? Corn Cob Pipes and an Overheating Apple iphone

I gained a concern about pipe designs and why someone would select a straight vs a bent pipe.

Here’s the online video from way back again in 2013 when I very first discovered that I had manufactured the change from bent pipes to straight:

Be confident to post a comment about your pipe form for decision and if you ever use a filter.

This was an unforeseen online video, but what the heck?

Check out for awesome-smoking Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipes, in bent and straight!

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10 thoughts on “Bent vs Straight Pipe? To Filter or Not? Corn Cob Pipes and an Overheating Apple iphone

  1. I think people in places like Canada worry about what is contained in the second hand smoke for other people around them, hence the use of the filter!

  2. Thank you  for youre answer Scott. I began smoking in a corn pipe. It was my father´s pipe.He bought it when He was in Loisiana about 30 years ago and the pipe even Works very well. I´ve got like 20 briar pipes and only 4 corn pipes. And now I want to return to my beggining and smoke corn pipes again.I´m a Latakia lover and I want to ask you, what corn pipes do you recommend me?Thans in advance.Rafael.

  3. I have a Rob-Roy with the straight bowl…I have smoked it maybe 20 times…I got it out tonight to smoke it but it is cracked all the way through in about 5 places…now what would cause it to crack like this …I dry it between smokes?

  4. I gravitate towards the bent look. I think an interesting thing you mentioned was clenching. I almost never clench my pipes, so that may be a commonality. I'm a huge fan of long stemmed pipes, such as the churchwarden and MacArthur.

  5. At first I loved straight pipes and thought bent pipes were ugly. Slowly but surely I started to prefer bent shapes. It was very weird how my taste changed as I became more experienced.

  6. I´m from Chile in Southamerica. I`m a pipe smoker. I want to to give you thanks for your videos and your advices. Sorry for my basic english. Greetings.

  7. Hmm, I always understood straight pipes to be harder to clench, but maybe that only holds true with briar. I still prefer straight pipes because they are easier to work with, gurgle wise

  8. When I bought my cob it came with a Medico filter in it. I didn't give it a thought when I bought the pipe so I didn't buy any replacement filters. I smoked about 5 bowls through my new cob and started noticing a change in how hard I had to draw to get smoke. After watching a few of your other videos I decided it would be ok to smoke my filtered cob without one. The very first bowl after I pulled the filter out I ended up with a slimy chunk of tobacco but only that one time… so I went and bought a box of filters today but I am still experimenting with them. Not sure if I like them or not.

  9. I ALWAYS use filters in my pipes that accept them. I will buy a filtered pipe before a non-filtered. Am 73 years old and live in USA in Virginia. Just look at a used filter and think of the junk going into your mouth. Thanx for your videos.
    God bless

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