How I Modify my Corn Cob Tobacco Pipes!

A good deal of you have requested how i modify and customize my Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipes so I will demonstrate you what I do. Our Dagner Poker Cob from MM is a enjoyable pipe to develop an creative type of your tobacco pipe option. These modified cobs in the video are not for sale but we do supply the Bone inventory pipe in its first form on our site so that anybody can enjoy normally or modified. Many thanks for viewing and enjoy✌?️???
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I’ve been asked dozens of moments more than the several years what I advise for filling cracks that can look in the exterior of a corn cob pipe. For the most part I’ve been a “Go away it alone and will not decide at it” advocate, but when 1 of my personal favored cobs created deep cracks I decided to share some ideas, including my preferred: Timber Mate Wood Filler.

If you are curious, this is a hyperlink to a adhere to-up video clip from 3 months later on:

Uncover Timber Mate Wood Filler at your nearby Woodcraft or at this hyperlink:

Go to for awesome cigarette smoking Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipes.

Many thanks once again to Youtube’s own SLVshadow for the excellent tuneage!

23 thoughts on “How I Modify my Corn Cob Tobacco Pipes!

  1. You've probably seen Elmers Golden Oak wood filler. I've used it to fill in some outside crevices on several of my cobs that have cracked or separated. Perfect color. This video was really interesting,watching the Master at work. Just got a Devil Cutty and a Markucs from MM while coming back from a Trout trip down at Bennet Springs in Mo. Neat Musuem and Marilyn is a sweetheart.

  2. I recently bought a wood pipe, it looks homemade and is put together the same as a cob: the shank is stabbed into the bowl and held together by some glue. Well the glue seems to have worn out and the shank is just barely hanging on. I heard you say something about using white glue when it involves the chamber, do you mean like Elmer's glue? If so, what should I do? Dab some around the outside of the shank where it meets the bowl? Or try to work it in between the bowl and shank? I'm a little unsure about it because, regardless of what the label says, I can't believe it can be that safe if it's burned or close to a flame.

  3. Here's a twist to using white glue in the cracks; make yourself some corn cob saw dust and mix that in with the glue! Thanks; no charge 🙂

  4. What kind of finish would be good to apply? Have you used a particular product in the past that worked well? I loved this video and will try TimberMate right away. I've fixed a couple of cobs that had loose stems and major cracks with your pipe mud. While that certainly worked, it looks horrible (which I knew it would a head of time, but I went for functionality).

  5. I tried using a torch on mine thinking it would give it nice burnt/bronzed look. The only thing that happened was the filler cracked and popped loose.

  6. Thanks to your YouTube videos im learning more and more about Corn Cob Pipes. I smoke cigars regularly but recently i started smoking pipe and now im getting into smoking corn cob pipes, so keep up the good work, your a good teacher for the corn cob pipe community

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