Pipe Tobacco Overview: Peterson “Sherlock Holmes”

*Yo! I need to have stated that Mac Baren makes this mix for Peterson. I acquired my Danish pipe tobacco blenders combined up!*
Peterson “Sherlock Holmes,” a Virginia blend with a bit of Burley and a dash of citrus fruit taste. We famously usually are not supporters of aromatic blends below on the STUFFandTHINGS channel, so you will find no opportunity that we appreciated this, proper? Effectively, you might be amazed.

From peterson.ie: “This mixture is created from an aged Irish recipe dating back again to 1880 and is one of the greatest tobaccos smoked in the time of Sherlock Holmes. The straight Virginia blend possesses all the normal flavour and aroma associated with Leading Virginia tobaccos.”

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12 thoughts on “Pipe Tobacco Overview: Peterson “Sherlock Holmes”

  1. Hey Bradley. Just an Fyi for you. I get un-subbed from your channel about once every 2 months give or take. Maybe something to look into. Thanks

  2. Awesome review, I tend to smoke English and Aromatic blends… sometimes in the mood for an in between, this might be a good one to try ! Thanks

  3. Hi mate, your reviews are straight on point which is good..
    I am new to the pipe smoking can you please name some tobaccos for beginners like me to try?

  4. hi! is it normal that i cant get through the whole bowl with this tobacco? i bought it as my first tobacco and im kinda getting a little disapointed with the experience, because the first half of the bowl is amazing, but the second half is really agressive on my mouth, and when i swallow the saliva after puffing in it, i feel that strongness going down my esophagus, and it feels really bad…
    I am really sure i dont smoke it too hot, because the bowl is so cool i dont even have to do the "hold it against your face" test, and about the moisture content, i think it is a little wet, but not that much i think.
    As you made me get into pipe smoking, and i really trust your opinion on that same subject, i would like to have some help from you before i get totally frustrated and completly quit pipes

  5. I have asked you this before, but isn't there some way I can get a full copy of your awesome intro song? I constantly re-watch your pipe reviews just so I can hear it but am always upset when it ends! if it's not for sale surely you could maybe email me a copy of the mp3 or something, I am a fan of that song and I'm subscribed to your awesome channel and have been for a long time, surely we could figure something out??

  6. Hi Bradley,
    Excellent review as always.
    Would love to learn what you might think about Peterson's Irish oak blend, if I'm not the only one perhaps there will be a review in the future…?
    Take care and keep up the good work.

  7. I just bought this and I like sweet things (and sweetness in my pipeblends), but this blend is just awful in so many ways! Burns horrible and the taste is just lacking…if you dont count hot tongue bite a flavor that is.
    (FYI, Im not an experienced pipesmoker but this is my humble opinion.)

  8. Great review I really like the aromatics, I'll have to try the Sherlock next I really like Peterson's connoisseurs choice but my local shop stopped selling it but they still have a few different Peterson's!

  9. Very nice… sounds like something I'd enjoy. I really like blends that toe the line (if there is such a thing) between aro and non-aro. If you want to explore more of this blend-space, I recommend Hearth & Home's Viprati blend. The tin and the website say it's a non-aro VaPer/Burley blend, but I definitely get some cocoa/hazelnut out of it. One of my favorites.

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