5 thoughts on “THANK YOU, Mark

  1. Wow… very nice gift from Mark!! And this pipe is really like one I would like!! I never smoked a Meershaum, but I heard that they are great. Even though some Meers are very beautiful and nearly pieces of art, I prefer the standard shape like yours.
    BTW… it took me a few seconds to recognize you without the beard!!!
    Take care and Be well my friend!

  2. Hello Ed!
    Fantastic view! And I´m happy to hear, that you like the smoking qualities of the pipe! I think, it really fits you – with or without beard..LOL. And I´m glad to see, that you do it the same way I do it, when it comes to Meerschaum….just smoke it, without all the overcautious procedures. It will get some scratches and marks, that will remind you of the special moments, you shared with the pipe…and it will provide you with many good smokes – I´m sure… So glad, you have it!
    Take care Ed – and be well!

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