13 thoughts on “The Art of Pipe Smoking cigarettes, Vol. ten: How to retailer your Tobacco

  1. Hey, Mr. Muttonchop. Do you know if it makes a difference to use a single piece lid jar than a 2 piece lid jar? Down in Monterrey, Mexico I can only find single piece lid jars. And if it does make a difference, do you know where I could get online some 2 pieced lid jars?
    Love the vids!

  2. Hey Muttnchop, new pipe smoker here and I recently purchased a $50.00 tobacco pipe from Germany. My question is: is it necessary to purchase an expensive ($300.00 +) pipe to fully enjoy my Peterson's University Flake? Best regards.

  3. From my understanding not all tins are created equal and some seals get compromised during storage. Would it be A good idea to vacuum seal the tins for a extra layer of protection? I'm ignorant on the subject of mason jars i doubt there is one large enough to simply place the tins in is there?

  4. Muttnchop, just to clarify, the tin you had since 06, you just left in the original tin in came in from the store? Is this better than putting it in a jar? Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi Muttnchop Piper, Do you recommend a hydrastone for keeping tobacco fresh when storing tobacco? I had been keeping a leaf shaped hydrastone in some opened tins with plastic lids. It seems to work ok. In a canning jar would it keep it too moist? Is there a danger to this? I was wondering if a hydrastone would create mold, or alternatively, if it might actually dry out the tobacco by drawing too moisture out? I am currently using one in the shape of leaf and, as I am beginning to use canning jars, I don't know if I should pop a leaf in each Ball jar or if this is not recommended.

  6. I keep each one of my tins of tobacco in a drawer out of the light and in a cool place in the house that is always between 60-70 degrees. Each tin is also in it's own sealed zip lock bag as to not cause cross flavoring, and to extend the life…I would assume this is an acceptable storage method? I also have a question on the moisture of my tobacco. I read on a few different forums and sites that pipe tobacco, unlike cigars, is to be kept at almost a dry consistency(not bone dry, but somewhere between bone dry and moist), however, when I received my tins of tobacco it feels like the moisture content may be a bit high. And when smoking I started to get a gurgle, which a lot of individuals say happens when the tobacco is too moist. But others also say that the consistency that the tobacco is shipped with should be maintained because the manufacturer shipped it out that way for a reason. Any Advice?

  7. Muttonchop, I just bought a few ball jars to store my tobacco in. I was wondering if it's OK to rinse a jar out after storing one type of tobacco in it in order to store another flavor tobacco in it. Thanks for any advice.

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