default-2 Daughter - Candles Candles

Daughter – Candles

default-2 Daughter - Candles Candles

with lyrics.

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Today I show you how to make a homemade scented candle. Making homemade candles is incredibly cheap & easy! Now there’s no need to spend a fortune on buying scented candles – Simply follow the step by step instructions & you’ll be able to make beautifully fragrant candles for a fraction of the cost.

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29 thoughts on “Daughter – Candles

  1. I always love reading the comments in this part of Youtube, always nice people just having actual conversations and and no trolls bitching to each other about pointless things.

  2. I turn 20 next year, and this song destroys me. To me it's about growing up too fast, being in over your head. "You're too old to be so shy he says to me, so I stay the night."

  3. okay, a pregnant woman born a baby is tottaly wet,this guys born 4 babies that is wet its the same ?? but with spaghetti

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