9 thoughts on “How to pack a tobacco pipe (Tutorial)

  1. I love how short and blunt the anti smoking labels are on British tobacco… in the US it's a short story about pregnancy and shit.

  2. I subbed 2 times to your channel. I was wondering if a petron stealth youth compound bow would be good for SHTF I have sharp carbon arrows and the bow weight is 21lbs keep up the good work!

  3. Thats a similar way that I pack my pipe. I been doing it so long now I just have a feel for when to stop how much pressure to pack etc 

  4. Nice, enjoying your smoking mate!, you'll get quite a few new viewers from this i reckon, theres a lot of smoking fans, especially if you show yourself smoking.

  5. Would you do a vid of you smoking the pipe ? the vid leaves me feeling a bit cheated….lol.May be you should take up vaping.

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