27 thoughts on “Massive Corn Cob Pipe

  1. Hearth and Home makes a blend called "Rolondo's Own". I smoke in in my Missouri Meerchaum Great Dane. Excellent smoke!

  2. I don't know if you've found out yet, but that pipe is a variation of the style the Missouri Company made for American General Douglass McArthur.

    If you Google him, you can see pictures where he has it clenched in his teeth.

  3. I have two of these, and they give great smokes, only problem is dottle gets caught in the bottom of the bowl and its a pain to get out. Particularly good for periques ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. How do you make your corn cob pipes so smooth like that? Like, yours doesn't look like it has any seeds sticking out, do you polish it or sand it down?

  5. Matches… your problem of having a pocket of cube cut burley after carrying your packed pipe in you pocket can be solved by using a wind cap…

  6. i found from a video tour of C&D, that they mix all of G.L. Pease's tobacco…They use the very same raw leaf, he just sends in recipes, they blend, send him a sample, and he gives the yay or nay. Interesting what you learn, as you dig deeper.

  7. I love the cube cut tobaccos. Easy to pack. Love the toasted marshmellow taste. I scored a sample of haunted bookshop over the weekend from parson rick. He was kind enough to bring tobacco for sharing. I saw HB and knew I had to take a small sample! I will share the smoke soon. More cube cut tobaccos people! I really like peter stok cube cut. Very chocolatey/cocoay. Take care John!

  8. Matches860 can you please make that vid for me and say happy birthday nick d please I would realy apreaciat that

  9. Can't say I really liked the blend though I am not a lover of burley… at all… but I am happy I have it for when I get that certain itch for a bowl of hot chocolate. I will say that I love your pipe, entirely too much. Love your vids, Stay smokey.

  10. I could probably handle some hot chocolate in a cob this holiday season. You made that stuff sound great ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks John. Peace

  11. As always, a GREAT video. Wish I could say the same for C&D's CCPABN. IMHO, it's "ok" and worth a couple bowls over the Holy Days/Holiday season, but I continue to find myself underwhelmed by C&D's aros. To each his/her own, I guess. But in the spirit of Thanksgiving and gratitude, I must say, Matches860, you my friend, are such a blessing to the rest of us in the YYPC. Thank you for being the "living legend" and dare I say, the living patron saint of our community! Season's blessings to you and yours, my friend!

  12. Need to find that one for sure, sounds fantastic. I like to throw an aro in every 10th bowl or so. Can't wait for your sledding story! Enjoy your week my friend, Tyler.

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