19 thoughts on “My Pipe Collection: Missouri Meerschaum Diplomat corncob pipe

  1. I have 2 good briars, one crappy chinese "pipe" and 6 cobs. The majority of the time I reach for my cobs. Yes they smoke a little hotter than briar, but as I smoke 5-7 bowls a day, I can bash my cobs around and not worry. Briars are too delicate. You might try MM"s hardwood pipes, they might suite you better as an alternative. Anyhow, enjoy your cobs, happy smokes, good vid
    Cheers mate.

  2. Corn Cob pipes are the best Golfing pipes! They smoke very nice, they are durable (they can really take a beat), and if ever I loose it, drop it or brake it, it is only 8 bucks!

  3. They are a cheap alternative, but they offer great value in my opinion. I personally prefer briar, but I have to admit that corncobs are great value for money and they are great tools for testing tobacco and also for carrying them outside without thinking that your precious briar pipe might get damaged or something. They certainly have their place in a collection!

  4. I believe the shank on missouri meerschaums are made of birch. Someone else correct me if I am wrong. He said pine, I thought birch, now I need to know the truth.

  5. When I decided to start smoking pipes, I purchased a $35 Briar, stamped "Czech". No clue "who" actually made it. $7 at Rite Aid for a Missouri Meerschaum provided an immeasurably better pipe. Maybe I'll put down money for a good briar later, but 2 cobs works rather nicely for me, and completely affordable. I'm probably going to end up with half a dozen, and at that price, why not?

  6. @metalishkitten
    yeah, I think their pros surpass their cons and they are useful in my rotation, so I think I'll be keeping one around 🙂

  7. cant go wrong with a cob, keep em in your rotation and it will last for a bit too, great for outdoor smiking as i have found out with my missouri pride cob. i smoke mine without a filter.

  8. @Ichbinmuede
    yeah lots of people swear by them for sure. fair play to them! friends might be saying things, but you know they 're secretly jealous, lol

  9. @thepipelounge Hah that seems to be what most briar lovers use them for and likely what I myself would. I hear that there are guys who swear by the corncob and use it as their main material.
    They're definitely a fine pipe to take out on the town with you since the cost is negligible. That is if you can get over the ribbing you'd get from friends, haha.

  10. @Ichbinmuede
    that could work I suppose. I am pondering on whether I should bother or not. I don't think I'm gonna keep it in my regular rotation once I get more briars though, so it will be my 'suspicious tobacco tasting' tool

  11. Seems to me that a fella could mix up some pipe mud and fill those spaces on either side and have no problem at all.
    I've been thinking I need to try out a Missouri Meerschaum myself. I've got my eye on the MacArthur.

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