19 thoughts on “Tip #3 Getting the Most out of Your Corn Cob Pipe: Rotating, Cleaning and Mice

  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Since I'm recently completely sold on your Country Gentleman with freehand bit, looking forward to ordering a few more to keep in rotation. What a great pipe.

  2. I smoke a pipe one time mostly in a week. I smoke a pipe at least 7 to 8 times a day. So that means I am going thru 7 to 8 pipes a day. I rotate them till I have gone thru all of them. I have approximately 175 pipes that I rotate faithfully. So if I some a pipe now I probably won't smoke it again for almost 20 days before I get back to it. Have done that for years.

  3. Need help, I have several of your pipes and the metal ring around the shaft has come loose.
    I tried 7 times to add elders white glue, as soon as the glue dries
    The ring falls off again.
    Then I purchased elders wood glue, 4 times, still does not stay.
    What is this metal made off, that nothing sticks to it.
    Please help.

  4. Thanks for the compliment. Yeah, I've used both, but not with any regularity. For me the key is having a couple pipes in rotation so that they have time to dry between days of use. Notice that I didn't say after each use, because cobs are a bit more forgiving than briars. You might want to check out Youtuber Knightdor, who has taken using alcohol to an extreme. I'm not suggesting following his method, but it will put your mind at ease if you are worried about what the alcohol will do. Scott

  5. Hey Scott. Love your videos. Quick question. Do you ever you alcohol or pipe sweetener to clean your pipes at all? New to cobs so just curious whether I need more than just a pipe cleaner from time to time. Keep up the great work.

  6. sometimes I won't have time to finish my bowl or I'll fall asleep with a half bowl and smoke it later.maybe I should be more careful not to let that happen

  7. Got ya. I would sand the rim but I would be tempted to do the old salt and alcohol treatment. Search for a channel by a guy named "Knightdor" aka: Bob. On his channel search for "salt" and you'll see some of his salt treatment experiments that he did on cobs. @Knightdor heard that the salt treatment that is routinely done with briars should never be done with a cob, and he just had to learn for himself why or why not. It's a great series and is something that I think I would try. Scott

  8. Local tobaconist gave me tip that has worked well for me. He told me he stores his pipes with a pipe cleaner in them, extending into the bowl. This helps absorb the oils, liquids that can give the rancid taste. The first time I did this I put in a new pipe cleaner and was surprised at how dirty the pipe cleaner was when I went to use that pipe again.

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