Aristocob Shop Short: Best Corn Cob Pipe for Sampling and Unexpected Hardwood Plugs?

You’ll find both versions of the Morgan Nose Warmer here:
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15 thoughts on “Aristocob Shop Short: Best Corn Cob Pipe for Sampling and Unexpected Hardwood Plugs?

  1. I'm in Argentina it's really dificult and expensive to buy thoses corn pipes. Some day i Will get mine jejejeje. Nice videos congrats

  2. if you get a small Missouri meerschaum corn cob and it's not got a wooden plug , just glue a small coin underneath, in my case a 5P piece.

  3. I have been watching a lot your videos, and I just feel the need to tell you that I LOVE your channel. All of your videos teach me something, and you're always fun to watch.

  4. Scott…man, I love what you do… Your enthusiasm for your product is refreshing! I've enjoyed every one I've gotten from you, and it's a testament to the product and you. I wish you nothing but success my friend! You do good work!

  5. hi , could you advice where to find the morgan pipe into your website , since i didn't find it
    and i am big fan for the filter type but i could not find any short /break smoking pipe filtered pipe, any advices, thanks

  6. That short stop would be a good starter pipe. That way to beginner pipe smoker can feel accomplished by finishing a whole bowl in one sitting.

  7. Great video sir! Very informative, especially for newer pipe smokers (such as myself). I plan to smoke a lot of cobs in Chicago next month.

  8. Hi Scott,

    I have three Washington pipes that actually have a hardwood plug and a sticker on top. Weird, huh? Nice video. Oliver

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