11 thoughts on “Cohiba Pipe Tobacco

  1. I always find that I need to smoke a few bowls of a new tobacco before making any decisions. First impressions are always cool.

  2. I'm the same way. Pipes are my relaxation. I was kind of on the fence about this blend. Thanks for the first impressions. Have a good'n.

  3. Great video man. I've always been curious about that blend. I'm not a fan of Cohiba, especially the Cohiba black. But based on what you are saying, I gotta get my hands on it. I havent seen that tin anywhere by me so I might have to make the trip to CI one sunday morning for it. There are actually quite a few "cigar" pipe tobaccos out there, one of them being Macanudo and that one, I think, might hit the mark more. Ehh, dont listen to me…I drink Wawa iced tea lol

  4. I watched dsociald do reviews on each of the cigar brand pipe tobaccos. He pretty much had the same feelings about all of them. Not much there but it is cool that they made some pipe tobacco. But at the same time where they going for a cigar type of pipe tobacco or were they just trying to break into the pipe tobacco market? I think its probably more the latter. Good review Jeremy

  5. The branding is all marketing for these recent "cigar" blends. The brands are from General Cigars which happens to be incorporated in the same company that owns Pipes&Cigars, Cigars International, Cigarbid, and cigars .com. They own the label so why not rush a bunch of "new" blends to market before the FDA requires testing. Not saying any of these tobaccos are bad, some are getting very good reviews, but they have nothing to do with the cigars other than brand recognition which leads people to be more willing to buy. It's all a big sales gimmick, but if we get some tasty tobaccos out of the gimmick I guess it's OK.

  6. I think the same thing about buying the name with Davidoff and ashton blends lol I'll get around to getting some at some point tho. great video tho. lol yea an aromatic burley virginia doesn't sound like a cigar haha

  7. I did some thing like you but with Partagas I'm not real big on cigars but when I do smoke one it's a Partagas , so when they came out with Partagas pipe tobacco I couldn't wait to get some ,I won't say it's good and I won't say it's bad , but I won't buy it again , Take care

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