default-3 Corn Cob Q&A: Why is my Corn Cob Pipe Darkening? Corn Cob Pipes

Corn Cob Q&A: Why is my Corn Cob Pipe Darkening?

default-3 Corn Cob Q&A: Why is my Corn Cob Pipe Darkening? Corn Cob Pipes

I guess this is one of those things that most cob smokers don’t talk about, but it’s just a fact that cobs darken and split with use. I say “most” cob smokers, but Mark Twain himself has some experience with the phenomenon over 100 years ago.
Check it out here:

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14 thoughts on “Corn Cob Q&A: Why is my Corn Cob Pipe Darkening?

  1. I'm about as worthless as any 'worthless fellow'…so send me your new pipes and I'll return them to you after they're well broken-in…say…after three or four years…and if you happen to run into Mark Twain, have him send me his too…Bill Shakespeare…Jr.

  2. was watching this video and it happens to be the date (July 31) and you said something about your birthday. happy birthday!!

  3. Thanks for the video! I've been smoking pipes for several years now, but just smoked my first corn cob today! I'm glad I found this before my cob started darkening and forming cracks—possibly saved me from tossing it! Great video.

  4. I smok my dr graw bow or my medco brier cavalier collab and both take on the tobacco you can see on the on side were a how

  5. Excellent video! Thanks for sharing Scott! I love the character my cobs take on as they are smoked more and more. In my opinion they just smoke better and better. Take care!

  6. My nana has a pipe she said its 80yrs old i think its said rusure or something like that mabye one day it could be pass down to me for 3rd generation

  7. Great video as usual! Quick question, I bought a gentleman a while back, got some good smokes out of it. However after about 6 months the oil on outside of the pipe started to leak and would stain my hands. Is this common?

  8. I love my Cobs above all of my other pipes! I have never had a bad experience with them. I am afraid I am ruined as far as buying other pipes go…

  9. Thanks Scott , i had the same problem and now i know why  , you learn something new everyday . Will be ordering some of your newer cobs this week , thanks again Scott

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