28 thoughts on “How to pack, light and smoke your tobacco pipe

  1. So I've been smoking a pipe for over 20 years and let me tell you I really enjoyed your videos. It was clear and concise and I learned how to load my pipe another way. I also liked how you explained all the good starting tobaccos. Great videos.

  2. After watching your video I was able to truly enjoy a bowl. I got a great pack and the perfect light with great bowl coverage. Your video was exactly what I needed. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

  3. sweet video dude, Having been a rolling tobacco smoker for many years now, no pre-made smokes for me 🙂 , i'm toying with the idea of pipe smoking instead. Is there a preferred method of inhale exhale ie, not down into the lungs, holding it in the mouth ect. When i smoke a rolly it tends to take 20 mins or so as i don't like fast smoking, hence the pipe thinking. Cheers

  4. I noticed you didn't let the sulphur burn off the match before you lit the bowl. Doing that or using a Zippo with lighter fluid imparts a nasty taste to pipe tobacco.

  5. Flogglewerks.com are the only kind of pipes to smoke. All wood and no glue or unnatural stains . . . Yes …Does Smoking Tobacco From A Pipe Really Have Health Benefits?This was so shocking and unbelievable to me when I heard it that I had to do more research. The following is a quote from the US Surgeon General report “Smoking and Health” (No. 1103, page 92) “Among the pipe smokers…The U.S. mortality ratios are 0.8 for non-inhalers and 1.0 for inhalers;”. So what does that mean, their study was using a mortality ratio of 1.0 as the mortality ratio for a non-smoker, and what they found is that pipe smokers that don’t inhale have a slightly lower mortality ratio which means that they live slightly longer. That needs repeating…Pipe smokers that don’t inhale live longer that non-smokers according to that study. This makes it clear that smokers should switch to pipes, it would be a much healthier way to enjoy this natural herb.

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