default-1 How To Properly Break In and Smoke a Pipe Corn Cob Pipes

How To Properly Break In and Smoke a Pipe

default-1 How To Properly Break In and Smoke a Pipe Corn Cob Pipes

This video is about How To Properly Break In and Smoke a Pipe. Breaking in a new smoking pipe correctly helps protect the bowl and build a cake that will help it smoke well for many years. A mild, aromatic pipe tobacco blend works best to build a cake quickly. Visit us at and
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18 thoughts on “How To Properly Break In and Smoke a Pipe

  1. I know this is probably a stupid question but is there a screen inside that pipe to keep it from sucking through the mouthpiece or are you using a filter between the mouthpiece and the pipe piece?

  2. Just bought my first new pipe. I'm lucky to have come across your video literally minutes before using the pipe for the first time.
    I had no idea a new pipe had to be broken in, so thanks for the very helpful video.

  3. I tried so many times, burned one of my pipes (well it's still usable). People told me to tamp 1/3 of the bowl really hard and smoke it but i never got to know what to do next, for example if to clean the whole bowl. Finally i found your video, and i must say, i am very impressed. Thank you so much for great help. I will finally not smoke my pipes and clean the bowls 5 mins afterwards, causing eventually to burn the wood. You are the best !

  4. Hey where do I find a lighter like that ? And also what are some good pipes to look at I'm looking to get in to it and I don't know where to start

  5. I'm just starting with a pipe can it be broke in with out letting it sit for a couple days, I only have the one I just got. nothing broke in or seasoned.

  6. What are your thoughts on those ball shaped screens for the bottom of the bowl? My new pipe (I'm a newbie), came with a few of said ball screens. My new pipe also came with the three prong cleaning/packing tool, as well as filters. Thoughts on filters??? Prior to buying this, my first pipe, I was smoking one of my dads, which is old, well seasoned, and no ball-screens, or filters.

  7. So my hubby is making the switch from cigarettes too pipe. Is there a lower priced pipe you'd recommend for a beginner? A tobacco he should try? I hate the smell of cigarettes on his clothes… silly question I know but what tobacco is least offensive too a non smoker? I remember as a child my grand papa smoked a wonderful blend that smelled good. And help would be great!

  8. I'm new to pipe smoking. I picked myself up a brandy pipe and inside the stem is a white tube filled with what looks like pencil lead. Any idea what this is? And is it supposed to stay in the stem?

  9. I just wanted to give you a big thank you, I just went through 5 bowls using your method and I already have a beautiful char building all the way from the bottom of the bowl. I use this on my brand new Savinelli Orient and it worked beautifully

  10. I recently bought a new pipe by F.E.S.S., and I'm having a lot of trouble with the pull. It's an arched stem pipe, I think you'd call it a small churchwarden, and the bowl's walls are very thin, making the inside of it very wide. But it feels like I'm trying to suck the smoke through a coffee stirrer straw. Does breaking the pipe in help the air to flow more easily, or might I just have what's at the bottom packed too tightly?

  11. Hello, sorry to go a bit off topic, but I have a question about old pipes. I mean really old pipes. I have some pipes laying around which were my grandpa's, and weren't used for 50 years or maybe more. is there a way to still use them or they are just a collection item to show friends now?

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