Leather Tobacco Pipe Kit – Pipe Case

This is a project I just finished up. I wanted to make something that incorporated leather working and pipes so this is what I came up with. I’d never seen a pipe case like this so I thought it would be fun. You could make a similar case/kit like this for other things besides tobacco pipes.
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29 thoughts on “Leather Tobacco Pipe Kit – Pipe Case

  1. That is just lovely. So you made the pouch & the pipe? Very talented. How did you come to have such admirable skill? I think that would make an interesting video. I'd love to be so talented. Much respect!

  2. I am wanting a pipe, and I'm leaning towards Peterson' but Nording and Savinelli are in the running. Which one? and recommendations?

  3. I just bought a collection of pipes and a Peterson's Rustic 306 was among the best looking of the bunch. It has been smoked very little. I'm grateful to own one.

  4. i just bought my first peterson pie killarney red and i love it…..wish i coul dfind cherry tobacco….. im an ex us navy sailor 10 yrs..and gave up my pipes back in 2002…. but gettn back into it and the killareny is my first one on my second go ,,,,,love you killarney red

  5. Well laid out video. I have been smoking my Peterson Tankards for years. While in Dublin last year after touring your factory, we went to the Peterson pipe shop and purchased a few pipes I bought a small ebony calabash and a ebony tankard. Both are my favorite pipes. It is a honor to smoke a Peterson Pipe, thank you . Jay Dagner

  6. Feel proud that i've took ownership of something so delicate and so beautiful. Bought my Peterson Pipe three days ago; a Smooth Kinsale XL17. Thank you Peterson Pipe, it's a pure delight!

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