11 thoughts on “My Corn Cob Pipes

  1. Love my cobs you can get replacement stems of Missouri meershaum website. The wooden one is an Ozark. The square shanked one looks like a Missouri meershaum radio cob from the 60s

  2. I know this is an old video, but have you tried the cobbit series pipes? I love 'em. Especially the Cobbit Shire (perfect size). The Country Gentleman is no slouch either. I often pass over much more expensive pipes to smoke these. I also have one of those hardwood pipes you show there, i love that too.

  3. thank you for the informations. I would like what means that a tobacco like lakeland tobacco ghost a briar pipe. thank you. I appreciate very much your video.

  4. That cob with the amber stem is a real classic, John.  Beautiful!

    Maybe you already know, but Aristocob sells Danish amber (or black) replacement stems for 49 cents a piece.  And they're EXCELLENT: sturdier and more comfortable than the factory bits.  Without a doubt my best cob-related discovery of this millenium!  Highly recommended.  Cheers, Mark

  5. Just the best thing to smoke from, in my opinion.  Gave you a little mention in my my "A Cob Ramble…" vid.  Love my briars and sure I'll collect a fair number more, but there's something wonderfully simple about smoking from the humble cob, and they will always be my go-to, I reckon.  Keeping it real…

  6. Hi Matches. What an awesome collection of cobs! Thanks for sharing! I sure love mine… especially the Country Gentleman. Take care!

  7. yes i agree about being great to taste new baccys, nice cobby collection my brother'. I really do enjoy my cobs though. take care and God bess.

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