Pipe Tobacco Review: Dunhill “Early Morning Pipe”

Dunhill’s “Early Morning Pipe” is a light English pipe tobacco blend containing Virginia, Latakia, and Turkish Oriental tobaccos.

From the tin: “A mellow delicately flavoured smoking mixture.”

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20 thoughts on “Pipe Tobacco Review: Dunhill “Early Morning Pipe”

  1. I love it! I prefer blends lower in nicotine but still high in flavor and aroma. This is that old school traditional English take on naturally sweet, fragrant virginias with just a little bit of naturally sweet, fragrant orientals and a lower amount of latakia. There are so many blends that are high in latakia and/or perique so this is a nice compliment to have around in a jar. Lovely!

  2. Just received a bulk of EMP and a tin of Nightcap and I have an allergy with propylene glycol and it has been added to this and I can tell right away. It is goo now. My go to has gone. Sad

  3. I do like this blend myself but I find that the name is dangerous πŸ˜€ if I smoke this in the early morning it hits me right back to bed.

  4. Apologies not necessary. Some people like chocolate and others vanilla. Everything about us is different and so are our taste. Good honest review,thanksπŸ‘πŸ€

  5. I swear to god every site I've found that sells dunhill , they only sell to people 21 and older πŸ™ anybody know a good site with Dunhill that sells to 18+?

  6. I wish it was that cheap where I live in Canada. $40 for 50g of bulk. You can barely smoke without feeling like you're burning money.

  7. Thanks for the review! I've been a cigar smoker for some time. New to pipe smoking though. So I started off with a couple ounces of my local tobacconists popular aromatic. I enjoyed it, but wanting to venture out and find something different, I spotted this and just opened the tin. Enjoying my first bowl just now. I did notice a bit of spicyness in the tin note…not sure what that is, perhaps the oriental/Turkish. I find it to be a very nice burning tobacco, but it seems to burn quite hot. I don't feel like I'm puffing like a steam engine though. For me it is more satisfying than the store brand popular aromatic. Perhaps that is because I don't have much to compare it with except cigars. Didn't notice the harshness but we are all different. Overall I am enjoying this blend.

  8. I picked up a tin of EMP a couple weeks ago. At first I thought "meh". But I've since had a few bowls of it, and I must say, it's growing on me. I find it's a very nice accompaniment to my morning cup of coffee. I find I do like the lightness of it at the start of the day or when I just feel like having something on the lighter side. Though I will say that Elizabethan is much better (which is one of my favorites, so far).

  9. Bradley,
    Another great review. I totally appreciate your Honesty. That's why I watch a lot of your videos to help guide me to try new Tobacco. I would like to see you review some Boswell 's Northwoods. Take care and Thank you.

  10. Thanks for the review. I was thinking of trying EMP, but since I love 965 and London Mix as an all day smoke, maybe EMP would let me down. Yet, maybe I'll get some to try it and have around for new-to-English-smokers that stop by.

  11. Hey you. Question: Newbie piper here, but have smoked ciggies, a few cigars and hashish with tobacco for 30 years straight, so I am not new to smoking, just new to smoking pipe. I have watched many of your videos now, especially the Dunhill reviews, to try to figure out what I might like/should buy. But since you just mention tobacco names and weird terms like 'tangy' which means nothing to a non-native speaker, it is hard to figure out what you mean. So, I went and got myself a tin of this, and enjoyed opening and smelling and smoking along with you (while rewatching this review). However, I must say I find this weak and with little flavor. It is like a cigarette with some hickory smoke to it (I believe that is from the tobacco called Latakia?). I can smoke it, but it does little for me, and the hickory smoke /wet camp fire note is not really interesting to me, at all. So, the question is, where do I go from here?

    The only pipe tobacco I have tried before this is called Special Dublin Navy Mixture, package does not say by whom, but I think it is also made by the guys at Orlik (I live in Denmark, so many of their products around). That one is sweet and very flavorful with strong prune and raisin notes, and I like it a lot. But I suspect, after watching your vids, that it is full of artificial flavor, and I kinda dislike that idea. So I would like something that has that deep prune/raisin type taste, but no or little hickory/wet camp fire taste, and no artificial flavor. Can you tell me what tobaccos I am actually looking for? What tobaccos taste like deep, dark prunes/ raisins? Is there a Dunhill blend to my taste? Please direct a newbie piper in the right direction πŸ™‚ Cheers from Denmark.

    Ps: Did I mention I enjoy your videos a lot?

  12. I'm a new pipe smoker, and I had a few questions for you. What is the pipe and lighter you are using during the recap? Also, what happens if you just leave the tobacco in the tin and do not transfer to a jar? Will it become way too dry?

  13. Hey Bradley, I meant to ask you if you ever noticed the cinnamon toast like taste that is very faint and needs to be teased out a bit. I agree with your assessment. That nuanced taste which I think comes from the orientals is what keeps me buying these tins.

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