Buying a Sad Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipe in Denver, CO and Checking In

Sorry, I had to edit something out and after I did that my phone was bumping against the GPS. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and that all you cobs come from

While visiting Denver Colorado to spend time with my sister I realized that I forgot even a single pipe and tobacco, so I dropped by a tobacco shop and purchased a Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipe that turned out to be loaded with wood filler. It will smoke just fine but man, was I disappointed. A pipe like this would NEVER have been knowingly sold by us, and if it ever slipped past us we would replace it without hesitation.
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20 thoughts on “Buying a Sad Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipe in Denver, CO and Checking In

  1. I need to start buying my cobs from you. I got a Washington from P&C and it has so much filler you can barely see the cob! Also, are they all supposed to have a hardwood plug? It really seems like this one has a filler plug. It's very soft. Like my finger nail sinks into it, it's so soft.

  2. Hope your sister and her husband have many more years of love and companionship. Please pray for us here in Houston. Flooding is devastating and we don't know when it will stop raining.

  3. Obviously, you fail to look for the most important part of any pipe: THE GRAIN!!!
    You should be arranging your January – Buffalo, Traverse City, Duluth, Winnipeg, and Edmonton.

  4. Scott, how does QA work at MM? I ask b/c is it the shop's fault or MM's fault on the amount of filler? In case you haven't watched, I nearly blew up that neked Country Gent I bought from you b/c there were wood shavings around the shank inside the bowl; I thought it was pipe mud but … LOL I nearly blew that pipe up before I realized I was wrong … Thankfully, there's a happy ending – I pulled the shank out, cleaned everything up & re-seated it, and everything is A-Ok now … Just seems like – at times – some MM pipes are "slapped together" & perhaps too quickly rushed out the door… IMO a reseller shouldn't have to inspect the OEM's product & scrutinize it inordinately in order to re-sell the item…

  5. WE have done it when packing, I once left a pile of my wife's underwear on the bed. I only did it once! The doctors think I will be better soon!!!

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