8 thoughts on “Country Gentleman Corn Cob pipe.

  1. Prob blew out because you dont know about beakin in a pipe. You obviously are a new smoker, try to break in your pipe first before puffing away on it like a mad man lol. Good luck in your newly found pipe smoking hobby and have fun with it.

  2. nothing smokes frog morten cellar like a cob I say it smokes best in the bent version my 2nd favorite is the general I have many expensive pipes and nothing smokes like a Missouri meerschaum corncob its weird how a 7$ pipe smokes and tastes better then a 200$ pipe Lol I get way more notes

  3. hey man
    i'm a fan of thick walled cobs like the great dane spool or the diplomat, and a fan of larger bowls like the kolonel, all with hardwood plugs in the bottom.
    do these gentlemen smoke a bit hotter than the other variants?

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